King DLs and Pistols

Hey, guys and gals. Need your expertise on these BW exercises.

For King DLs, in the concentric portion, I’ve noticed that if I keep my torso glued to my upper legs until the very end, this increases the load on my hams. Does doing this make KIng DLs more like a DL and less like a squat?

When I do 1-legged squats (“pistols”), my hip flexors feel more taxed than my quads. Is this normal? I keep my weight on my heel and pretend to “push the floor away from my body.”

Any advice would be appreciated.

I’m not sure if this will answer your question but I find the King DL more effective if I perform the concentric with the load on the heel of my foot (for me this is more difficult than it appears). This seems to focus the load more on the hamstrings & glute. Also, Ian King states that bending more at the waist will emphasize the glute more.

I’ve always liked performing king DL’s in the manner in which you describe b/c I feel like there is more carryover…

AlanR, I think when Ian says to lean forward, he’s talking about the eccentric portion.

Brian Smith - You’re right about bending over on the eccentric. However, this puts you in a more effective position for the concentric as the load is slightly different.