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King Conan - VOTE here...

ALL is not lost. At least for John Milius. Apparently he’s still in the running as Director of King Conan. And so is his script. But it can be all up to YOU. There is a online petition available for your vote. Check this out:

THE ARNOLD FANS website has made a petition to the WB and the powers that be who are gonna make another CONAN movie. If you spread the word and sign the KING CONAN petition, chances are that JOHN MILIUS and SCHWARZENEGGER will do this movie...and soon..... "John Milius" KING CONAN starring "Arnold Schwarzenegger"!!!


You all better vote! I know I am!

Number 2054!

I’m on it. Rallying the legions as well.

C’mon guys/gals! I wanna see this thing!

I'm hungry for some real sword battles complete with heads flyin', blood spatterin' - in epic proportions! Patricia

By Crom! Ko’s number 3035!

3680 baby!!

Hey if anyone posts on other forums,let the people on other forums know about this petition and ask for their help.

I got your wonder back, baby! Number 3881…

4033, Yipee!!

I cross posted this at a couple other message board sites. Hopefully that wil generate some more votes.

Thanks, brider and Terminator. I’ve also done the same.

I understand that there's a chance that Arnold is more interested in running for Gorvernor of California in 2008 - and may feel that a "Conan" flick would hurt his chances. However, Rob Reiner is interested in being his Democratic rival and I feel that Arnold, Conan or not, could easily beat Reiner. Easily. Hell, if Arnold held a sword (to vanquish his enemies), and wore a crown (hail, King Conan!), I'd vote for him. And I don't even live in California.

I'm still remaining optimistic at this point. I really am!

“Usagi Yo Jimbo”?!??!

Bwa ha ha haaaa!!! No matter how you translate it, that’s funny!