King Conan - in CGI?

Okay, I felt for sure that this needed to be said here in this forum. So here goes: I have just heard that ILM has been asked by the folks tied to King Conan that if it’s possible to CGI enhance the size and definition of muscles on the body. NOW, the speculation is that a “aging Aw-nold” will be receiving a “muscle makeover” with CGI. Apparently, while Aw-nold is about the same size as he was from the original two Conans, he may be ahem lacking in the area of definition.

Folks that's Hollywood for ya.

Arnold needs to get his ass to the gym. I don’t expect him to look like the 70s Arnold but there’s no reason why he can’t still get into decent shape. If Louie Simmons can squat over 900# at 56, then Arnold can build himself back into shape. He claims his heart is fine so he has no excuse. Should have pushed to make another Conan years ago anyway.

Ahem STEROIDS anyone!!! I want no CGI I want Arnie to Juice. You hear me Arnie…JUICE!!! :slight_smile:

That is weak. Sad to hear that about Ah-nuld…Stallone put on 30 pounds of lard for his role in CopLand and once the movie was released got his ass back into shape. Even in hos most recent movie, “Driven” he looked huge and ripped up. No excuses Arnold…

You sick fuck. You want Anorld to juice for you entertainment? Do you poison animals just to watch them die? Next thing you know, You will be demanding gladitoral combat.

I demand gladiatoral combat!!!

Well I dont know if nkeago is really a sick fuck, but I agree that Arnold should juice before they do any CGI!!! You think he has moral issues with 'roids now? LMAO!

I’m all for Gladatorial combat…but only if they’re all on Juice.

Gladitorial combat! That’s a great idea! I think we should really start pushing this. I feel there’s going to be a major turnaround for ‘toughness’ in American culture, as the usual pendulum-swing backlash from the rather pathetic wimpiness of right now. Gladitorial combat would be a delightful addition to the mix. It doesn’t have to be to the death, just a step above the present Ultimate Fighting-type events, maybe with some weapons, like what the Dog Brothers have except on a larger scale. Great plan, A, how do we implement it?

One of my friends trained in the same gym as Arnold when he was getting “tuned up” to make Predator. I’m betting Arnold might find some gear in his future if his past in any indication. In my opinion Maria Shriver is worse for Arnold than any steroids he ever did.

If you think Maria Shriver is scary looking on the TV. You should she her in person, without make-up. Night of the living dead.