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King-Bring the Pain Question

I just started Ian King’s Bring the Pain upper body workout and i’m a bit confused. do i do the pushing and pulling (phase 1) workouts BOTH twice a week or just once each? it seems like i’m barely doing anything cos i’m used to a larger volume than this program calls for so i’m wondering if maybe i’m doing it wrong. from what i understand, i am to do each workout (1 pushing and 1 pulling) once a week and do lower body on the remaining 2 days of the 4 day per week split. is this correct? thanks, t-bros.

Yeah you do each workout once a week. I was a lot like you when I started doing his workouts i felt like the volume wasn’t sufficient so I added a set to each workout. But I have noticed over the past few months I have become a little stronger and a lot of little nagging injuries I had before have gone away. One thing you have to remember is Ian King is a professional strength and conditioning coach. He’s been trained to set up routines to enhance one’s performance. Usually the muscles from the lower back down to the feet contribute more to one’s functionality then do the upper body muscles so it might seem upon embarking on an Ian King routine that the volume is extremely high for the legs but low for the upper body…but really everything is just being brought into balance.

Each workout is done once per week. I thought the same thing when I first started - it had to be wrong because there didn’t seem to be enough to the workouts. I’m in week 9. Eventhough I could see improvement, I really didn’t feel it until week 7. I’m sure it probably different for everyone, but I believe this is when I must have hit a week spot. By the end of week seven I was so sore I could hardly move. You really need to stick with the reps and the speed. I’m very glad I stuck to it eventhough I had the same concerns you have at the beginning.