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King and Waterbury Question

I’m currently going through a strength/hypertrophy phase and am using King’s 12 Weeks to Superstrength for upperbody(as I’ve had great results in the past) but don’t want to use “limping” for days 2 and 4. Instead I want to bring up my dead and squat strength using the 10x3 method. I was wondering the best way to go about it.

Would it be better to do dead and squat 10x3 on day 2 and Good mornings, front squats and calf work using 5x5 on Day 4? Or seperate hip dominant and quad dominant and do 10x3 Deads, 3x8or 5x5 Good Mornings and leg curls on day 2 and 10x3 Squats, 3x8 or 5x5 front squats and lunges on day 4? Thanks in advance for everybody’s suggestions.

Anybody got any ideas?