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Kinesiology Career Options

Hello everyone.

         I'm second year kinesiology student and wanted to know what the rest of you guys have done with similar degrees?  Basically im just looking at career options.  I want to do more with my degree after I finish my bachelors and am thinking that I want to go to the states for it.  

Hello Twisted i would be interrested in asking you some questions.

I plan to go to kinesiology next year to boost my school stats and apply to chiro school after.

How do you find the program? Some people i know that have done the program finish it with what seem to me basic knowledge.(My goal is not at all to insult you nor that i think that this formation is a bit simplist). It’s just that the majority of people i know who have that degree learned nothing that is groundbreaking method.

I know the majority of people who enter university doesn’t know a shit about triple linear periodization, specific training and anatomy stuff.

My real questions is: Is the program worth the cost? Did you learn for your money? Would you do the same if you were 2 years ago?

Thank you and keep learning

I have a degree in kinesiology and can honestly say that it gives you the broad foundation needed to progress to something more specific. If you want to be a trainer, get the BKin and then a bunch of certifications. If you want to do something more, then plan on going into a graduate program. I have talked with alot of people about this and a bachelor’s degree isn’t worth much, unless you have a ton of quality, practical experience. Good luck.

The first year I went to university I took general sciences and only this year specialized taking mostly biology/anatomy and physiology courses. These courses are not aimed towards training as of yet and although it may different in quebec the anatomy course I am taking is known to be VERY challenging ie spending 6-10 hours in the lab ontop of normal lab hours to study is the norm. nm the class itself. Would I do it again, I most certainly would but I would have gone straight into it as opposed to taking a year to decide. I am using the kines as a stepping stone into chiro or sports medicine or something of the sort mind you. My degree is a Bsc so it will be in genetics/kinesiology. Hope that helped.

Anyone to answer my question?

I am graduating this semester with Kinesiology. Just like any other bachelors degree, it gives you basic knowledge you need on the subject to succeed. If you really want to be a good coach etc then you need to a ton more outside of school. I read alot and train alot. I always say I get the most knowledge out of my training but that would not be possible if I did not have some knowledge of what is happening physilogically and on a neurologically. If you want a job on the college level you have to have a masters, know somebody in the profession, and have a CSCS. For physical therapy you need to go to PT school. For chiropractic go to chiropractor school, and get ART certified too, very popular now and works great. I forgot what you said you were interested in so I included as many things as I could think of. Good luck it is a great field if you truly love it. The learning never ends.