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Kinda Related to Boxing, etc

I know fighters get hit a lot in the chin, so im bringing this question to you. I wnet for a massage with those chinese people in the mall and the whole 20 min massage had my chin (dimple of chin) right against, with pressure this metal bar. Now the next day that area, right under my teeth is still sore. Like its bruised from being slightly bounced against this bar. Any need to worry that i could kill a tooth root or anything like that? Hope not, but just a bit worried.
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If you are concerned see your dentist. According to the brief explanation that you gave I would guess that you are fine. I’ve had a myriad of such things happen to me between Karate, Boxing, Wrestling and BJJ. I usually give it the three day test. By that I mean if it is not on its way to healing in three days then I give it a second thought (but I still won’t go to the doctor), otherwise I don’t even think about it. Although sometimes more serious injuries take longer, much longer. Eh…

My hunch is you are worried for nothing.

So knock it off.


(Disclaimer: I am not a doctor and couldn’t diagnose injuries online even if I was a doctor.)

THanks, it is better today, some throbbing, but not constant. and I appreciate you sharing, I wasn’t looking for a diagnosis, more rather, others experiences. So thanks, I thought and was hoping I came to the right place. I am a worrywart. . . .so ha. .
but no seriously thanks!