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Kinda Funny Tire Training Story


I have a tire half buried in my backyard for beating with the sledgehammer. I was telling this to my brother when I was at his shop, he is a mechanic and gave the tire. One of his customers overheard and asked how it was used. I explained that I use it for conditioning and what not and explained how the tire was set up and so on.

I just got a call from my brother to tell me this guy ended up with 27 stitches in his head and a lump the size of a baseball. It seems he used a tire still on the rim and filled with air, first hit with the hammer caused it to bounce back and hit him right in the forehead.

I guess I assumed he would know enough to use a tire off the rim.


well…at least he wanted to try it. lol…


lmao poor bastard, he probably thinks its a reflex exercise now too…


So close to a Darwin Award!