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Kinda Embarrassing: Sore After Wiping


Ok, I'm really hoping that I'm not the only one who has come across this. If I am, well, crap.
Last few days, and this has happened in the past, after I wipe from having a bowel movement, between my cheeks, not my butthole or anus, but close in the area, it gets sore. When I'm able to look in the mirror, its red. After a while, it hurts when I walk, and even more if I have to wipe again after another bowel movement. I don't think its hemorrhoids, never had that before, so I don't know what this could be from...Considered the toilet paper I'm using, Charmin extra strong.

I thought it could be that I'm not getting enough fiber in my diet, so I'm starting to take some metamucil. Gonna switch to charmin soft or extra soft. But does anyone know what this could be from, and what I can do to prevent and stop this ass soreness?




uh, maybe from wiping your ass too much? I think after a certain point, it really doesn't matter what paper you use. Maybe try using baby wipes, I think they'll clean quicker and be easier on you sensitive ass-skin at the same time (truth be told, I've had that same problem before). Prepare to be flamed


lol use water to wash your ass.


I know I'm gonna get flamed, but it'll be worth it if I can find a solution to my ass problem...beats spending couple hundred dollars to see a doctor.


With a screen name like that I wouldn't be posting about having a sore ass. Smart asses like me tend to connect the dots.

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You fucktard!

Don't say words like "bowel movements" when I'm enjoying my chocolatechip cookie!


Don't click on a thread that says "Sore after wiping!" whilst eating your chocolatechip cookie!


Is that you in the avatar, Chenky? pretty nice :wink:


LOL perfect place to make your move...a thread about bowel movements.


Shouldn't it be prepare to be inflamed? That is if it's not already the case.



What I want to know, is the use of that nekkid doll behind her..


Why don't you try moist toilet paper?


get a bidet.

get toilet paper with aloe in it. Helps. When you're bulking and pooping 3-4 xday you learn not to skimp on good TP


hahaha, good point. No hesitation, make the move on first site. Ultimately, I figured it doesn't matter since we live in different countries anyway.

I was wondering what the doll was for, myself...


The naked doll was a fun part of my best friends stagette.
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OP - Use baby wipes???


Manufactured without a penis? Poor guy...

OP: The obvious solution is: Don't wipe.


hahaha, glad I wasn't looking too hard at that part of the pic... are you a belly-dance instructor?

Hey, that's what I said


No not a bellydance instructor but I was belly dancing. We had a belly dance instructor come out and teach us some moves. It quite hard.


Happens to the best of us OP. You def don't need to go see a doctor lol, the constant friction of wiping will eventually create some pain. It's just one of dem der things.