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Kind of Fat, Need Advice

I am 5’10 195lb, and around 20%(imguesing) bf, I was going to begin my first cycle (just test) but am hesitating as I’ve seen people advised not to start a cycle until at least 15% bf, because of complications with fat, but is this just broscience? I’ve heard fat aromatizes more, but I could not find any literature on the subject to support this claim. Also, any ideas on cutting for 4-5weeks in the beginning of my cycle, then bulking the next 9-10 weeks? I know aas are meant to build muscle, but I feel the extra testosterone would definitely help with dropping weight(I know calories are the deciding factor to weight loss). Any help would be appreciated

General consensus on this forum is that if you can’t build muscle and lose fat not on AAS, then you will fail to get the results you want running them as well. Drugs add a lot of variables that you don’t have to deal with as a natural. If you haven’t figured out what works for you natural, what makes you think you’ll be able to figure it out on drugs with more variables?

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Higher BF % is typically directly correlated with shittier insulin sensitivity, cycling with shitty insulin sensitivity not only makes one more prone to gaining fat, but makes it harder to gain mass (if interested as to why reply and I’ll write up a detailed response). Issues with aromatisation can become an issue for… Fatter people as adipose tissue contains aromatase, cycling while fat also tends to put more strain on the body in general (primarily the heart).

Our forum endocrinologist physiolojik (suuuuuper knowledgeable guy, like he’s a walking bodybuilding encyclopaedia lol) recently created a post on why one shouldn’t cycle without insulin sensitivity in check, now I’m not saying you def have shitty insulin sensitivity, but in my opinion you’re short changing you’re gains somewhat by cycling with a high bf %

Personally I wouldn’t advise going above 15 percent even ON cycle, maintain relatively lean year round, the traditional bulking and cutting in bodybuilding wrecks havok on the body.

Hey I asked the doc on his insulin thread the other day but I’m sure he’s pretty busy with answering questions so il ask you sense you seem to have knowledge on insulin. Can you plz explain to me what exactly insulin sensitivity means. And how to test (as in what times a day or after meals etc) to find out what your “insulin sensitivity” is and what are some ideal number ranges for said test. Thank you

Insulin sensitivity is the cells response to the action of insulin with regard to glucose transportation from blood to muscle. If in response to a large amt of insulin, ones cells barely respond and not much glucose transportation occurs, that person has shitty insulin sensitivity.

Less glucose able to enter cells = less gains from cycle

To test insulin sensitivity order a blood test for glucose, hba1c, insulin (with significant insulin resistance insulin will be elevated). Fast before taking these

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Thank you for giving me a fairly simple explanation I was worried I wasn’t gonna be able to understand your response at all based on other things I have read from you lol. One more question is there any way to gauge sensitivity by checking my blood sugar with those diabetes tester things? If so when should I test and what are ideal numbers?

Thanks for the feedback, I think I will definitely be getting my bf% down first naturally before aas

Thanks for the feedback, do you know how to fix my shit insulin sensitivity? Is it a result of my higher bf%?