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Kimbo's Latest Fight


Trick Daddy or Uncle Luke?? NO, Miami is Kimbo's.


I'm tired of watching Kimbo kick the crap out of amateur tough guys. We get it. He's tougher than the average fat slob on the street.

Let's see how he fares against a trained fighter like Vitali Klitschko or Fedor Emelianenko before we anoint him as the baddest man in the world. Heck, he got his butt kicked by a mediocre MMA fighter in Sean Gannon.


True, I still think its entertaining though.


Who in the hell are Trick Daddy and Uncle Luke??



For those who can't get enough of him...


I'd like to see him fight Philo Beddoe.


I'd rather see him fight Orville or Cholla. I don't think he's in Philo's (or Clyde's)league.


it's not like the dude always WINS...


He would get smashed on, thats why


Right turn Clyde!


You just gave Sean Gannon WAY too much credit, calling him mediocre is like calling Akira Shoji a championship contender. The only reason that guy made it to the UFC is because he was friends with Dana and beat Kimbo "gimme my bread" Slice which gained him internet popularity.


Depends on how you define MMA fighter. If you limit the scope to only include the Pride/UFC guys then yeah, Gannon is WAY below mediocre.

However, I meant to compare him to the entire gamut of fighters who have ever participated in an MMA event. That includes the truly horrid guys like Art Jimmerson, Fred Ettish, and any of the 0-1 cans that Travis Fulton makes his living beating up on.

I would rank Gannon in the same class as a guy like Lodune Sincaid or Alex Schoenauer. He's good enough to beat up on inexperienced guys in a regional show, but will get tooled anytime he steps in the ring with a world-class fighter. He's better than a lot of pro fighters, but not even close to the same class as the elite guys.


What my question is...what seperates those elite's from the pro's..like wanderlei silva would murder practically anyone...its funny how someone is just better at beating someone up.


Aside from the attributes of being stronger or faster than their opponents, elite guys often have the experience to know what works for them 95% of the time. Then they know how to steer the fight to their world, or their favorite game/position. Through experience they have good responses to the top 5 or 6 counters that are common occurences when they try to get the fight going a certain way.

Vanderlei for example will look like he's pushing his straight punches. Not throwing them great at first. But he's setting his opponenet up for his hooks or head control/thai clinch, where he knee's the hell out of you. He also knows how to defend himself while on bottom and how to punish people while on top and is extremely tenacious. Him, Hughes,Cro Cop, Franklin, GSP, Minotaur, Chuck..All the greats know what works and where their weaknesses are through experience and they know how to limit exposure of weaknesses and push the fight to their strengths.

In Fedor's case, his strength is he just has to be within 6 feet of his opponent and his weakness is....NONE...HE IS CYBORG...
Also, it helps to have a huge mellon for your weight class. BJ PENN, VANDERLEI, CHUCK, MARK HUNT can all take a nice shot with their big ass heads. That helps you in case you do make a mistake. A hit that would put me to sleep for a week causes Mark Hunt to wipe the sweat of his brow and just keep coming.


My thoughts on this fight:

1) It's difficult to realise how much skill there is in being an MMA fighter till you watch these two slobs fight.

2) No knees?!? This is an unsanctioned street fight, and they don't allow knees? I thought these were tough guys?


totally. this is what I call BULLSHIT streetfighting.

although, in reality, if I'm gonna duke it out with another dude over somehting, my friends will be there, his friends will be there, and if shit gets too gnar, it'll get broken up.


No knees and choking wasn't allowed either. You ever seen a Kimbo fight go to the ground? Those 'streetfights' are just boxing matches without gloves. Once a guy goes down, they let him get back up if he wants to. Them marketing it as a streetfight is bullshit.

Read an interview with him a while back where he said he was planning on going pro as a heavyweight boxer. Then I laughed my ass off.


But I'm sure he'd still whup my ass


Kimbo is strictly a stand-up fighter. His people knew Gannon was an MMA guy and 'tried' to make rules to prevent Gannon from making this an MMA fight.

Unfortunately, Kimbo's representatives were ignorant of MMA and Gannon was a little shady in letting them craft their half-assed rules.

The rules Kimbo's people wanted were 'no kicking and no ground fighting'. Gannon had them clarify what 'kicking' meant and they said feet and shins. He giggled and filed in the back of his head that they forgot to include knees. Gannon then had them clarify what 'ground fighting' meant and they said no takedowns, ground and pound, or submissions while on the ground.

Once again, Gannon giggled and filed in the back of his head that they said nothing about standing submissions like the guillotine choke.

Net, Gannon fought within the agreed upon rules, but he did so by taking advantage of the idiocy of Kimbo's representatives. He knew full well that Kimbo's people wanted a pure fistfight with no grappling, but he capitalized on their lack of MMA knowledge to leave some loopholes for himself.

I'm no Kimbo fan, but I will give the guy some credit. He's got some serious raw skills. He has fast hands, KO power, decent boxing technique (by MMA standards), and is a good athlete. If he spent a few years training in grappling, he would actually be a dangerous MMA fighter.

Unfortunately, the people who 'represent' him are making way too much money by having the poor sap fight in backyards and basements, and Kimbo ain't bright enough to see that they are taking advantage of him.


Kimbo's brother was a boxer and that's where he gets those skills from. That should tell you why he only wants to fight bare knuckle boxing. The guy is way overrated. I admit he'd be a beast against the average guy off the street though.