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Kimbo vs. Shamrock Off


i guess this fight will not be happening. shamrock apparantly got cut training, and doctors will not let him fight the cut is that bad. really last minute, they had even weighed in for the event when the bout got cancelled. kimbo is still fighting though, against seth petruzelli instead tonight. Big blow for EliteXC.


WOW what a night with EliteXC. First of all, Kimbo getting T-bagged by that pink-haired guy made my week.

Otherwise, nice performance by Arlovski and also Shields. Don't know why but at the beginning of the fight I really thought Paul Daley was gonna take it.


Probably because the commentators were so overwhelmingly fucking biased towards the guy it messed with your head. Doesn't seem like elitexc commentators have much repect for Shields.

Pathetic hype machine Kimbo. Good to see him fall. Hilarious to hear mauro renallo after the break say he saw that Kimbos head wasn't right when walking out for the fight. Right. They have nothing to sell now.


Now they're going to hype up a rematch between the two of them.


I read that they asked Frank (Shamrock) to fight Kimbo but the board of safety wouldn't clear it. That would have been pretty entertaining, but I can't complain w/ how things turned out.