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Kimbo Slice on TUF 10


High five to yahoo for staying on the beat.


OK, start the pool how many fights does Kimbo last?

Which coach is going to take him?


come on, this is too easy, and too much fun : )

and apologies didn't see the other post. But this needs it's own thread


This depends, where has Kimbo trained after getting kicked out by Bas? He's at least shown he has some power.


He could get lucky and knock someone out. If they have done a good job of selecting participants, I wouldn't give him good odds against anyone. I am saying he wins no more than 1 fight unless the whole show is scripted for him to do well.


hes got some power behind his hands. with the right coach, he could at least a good contender, champ? id put money on no.


i think it's weird that they're bringing him one...kind of a freak-show move. he's already well-known, so i guess they're hoping to boost the UFC's following even more.

i guess he's got a chance....he's powerful, focused on being a fighter and has had some decent training (recently with Bas).

and to be honest, i rarely pick the right fighter on that damn show anyway!


don't feel bad cyco, my boy had Sadollah from the get go, and I picked C.B.

But I will give Kimbo some credit. Every single fighter on that show is going to gun for him, everyone.

But hey if you want respect in the fight game that's what you got to do. I don't think Dana would risk a can for Kimbo. Too many people are going to be watching way too closely. But I know he's hoping he makes it to at least the semis. If he makes it that far he can still legitly put him on the fight night. Making another big ratings pay day.

Just think Kimbo, Rashad, Rampage. This will either be great TV, set black people back about 10 years, or both.


I'm not the only one thinking it.


Just for the record I picked Sadollah from the start as well. Love that guy.

Firstly I think they'll set Kimbo up to at least get in the house. It just makes for good ratings, guys got a temper and people know him and he's got enough D-bag frat boys to follow him that it might increase ratings. I don't think he will last long, unless he's turned himself more towards fighting, and less being a playboy. Bas most likely kicked him out for lack of discipline or for drug use.

Rashad and Rampage is going to be amazing, flat out.

I don't think it'll do anything to hinder equality of black people. Shit will be talked, just like when white guys coach.


Why not let Kimbo fight on tuf 10. He is pretty popular and if he wants to enter the ufc he has to win. I really think there is nothing scripted...

And he has a real chance especially against those NFL Vets...
The list of vets invited onto the show includes Marcus Jones, Matt Mitrione, Brendan Schaub and Wes Shivers

I dont know these guys but i think he has a great chance against another athlete who is not used to getting punched in the face... (except Marcus Jones and Brandon Schaub)

He will make it into the house but i really think he can not win.Kimbo is to one dimensional.


whop, i just found out these guys dont have to fight to make it to the house... maybe there are not enough talentet HWs ...


The guy training me right now, Joshua Franklin (one pro fight called for blood), says that he used to train with Marcus all the time and that Marcus is a bad ass. They trained in Florida together. Joshua is in Afghanistan right now working for blackwater, he was a former SF guy.


as i said except marcus jones. accourding to mmajunkie.com marcus jones needs an average time of 91 seconds to finish his 4 fights ( 4w - 1 l ) ...


I think Kimbo definitely has the physical talent, there's no doubt about that. Can his mind adapt to become a multi dimensional fighter? I guess we'll find out in the upcoming TUF. Generally speaking, it just seems it's really hard for a striker to be a proficient grappler. Not implying that Kimbo is a great striker but he obviously has more of instinct to strike than to grapple. Patrick Barry, a great striker, gave away the fight at UFC 98. That was a shame. But I'm sure he learned his lesson.

Now I'm going off on a different tangent. I hope Zuffa will compensate Kimbo more than other fighters on the show. I don't usually watch TUF but now I'm gonna watch it because of Kimbo. I'm sure there are many others like me tuning in for the same reason. Wonder what Kimbo will do if he gets eliminated from the first fight. That would suck....


new thought.

Who is better equipped to coach Kimbo for his run on the show. I see Rampage better able to relate to Kimbo seeing as they in some ways have similar personalities. And the Wolfslair is no joke.

But Rashad being a Greg Jackson guy would probably have a more practicl structure that Kimbo could learn from.

hmmmmm, any thoughts?


i think rampage will pick Kimbo if i has the chance. Kimbo would take well to the style Rampage fights with, at least imo. Plus he's God's Street Soldier or whatever and they could probably relate better, but with regards to Kimbo taking it or going anywhere in the UFC, i highly doubt he will ever be in a title fight. Alot of people can hit as hard as him, as you probably saw in that EliteXC where he lost to some guy who picked the fight up last minute, and his famed "striking power" is all he's got. A one trick pony, nothing more.


Big Country Roy Nelson is in as well. I've got him to take it.
What I'm really wondering is when will Kimbo be picked? It'll look hella bad if he's picked last (as far as the casual audience goes) but surely no one will pick him first even without the fact that Roy Nelson is in. Unless they do a "last picks kinda thing" where they work out beforehand how they'll pick and then just whoever would've gotten Kimbo choose him first.


I admit I had not though of that.

awww poor Kimbo. He's a ratings draw and the MMA equivalent of the fat kid at gym class all at the same.


Kimbo will make it until someone gets him on the ground...lol


I had not heard this. I wonder what other pros are in? This is shaping up to be are good roster.


Wes Sims.


pssh that was the weakest tap on the chin ive ever seen.

more like Kimbo saw the odds of him losing go insanely low, huge strong puncher vs a random not very known small striker, Kimbo made a lot of money in vegas i bet, didnt u see how he didnt care at all after losing? he invited people to his bar for a party....

i swore he was being investigated for the match as well