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Kimbo Slice Official MMA Debut


Since someone was bound to post it, I thought I might as well do it.

Cantrell is said to have taken the fight on a short notice, had lost his preceding 4 fights, the last one to Imes by submission. In this one, he never seemed intent to put up a real fight.

An easy win for Kimbo, but he got robbed of an opportunity to showcase his alleged skills.


That guy is a bull and comes from the street and is now training with the best. I think he'll have a good career in MMA.


I don't know much about Kimbo, but I've always wondered if he had any former boxing training. Certain aspects of his style aren't entirely street-like. Almost refined, if you will.


That dude did not have his game face on. He was tapping before he was even down.

In other news Quadros is Skeletor's long lost brother.


The whole thing did look a bit weird...


On the other hand, look at his previous 4 fights (=losses):

All in the first round, all but one in under a minute.


totally agree. He has suprisingly solid technique considering hes a "street fighter". He's definatly gonna be a guy to watch especially with his relentless attacking style (from other youtube vids). Sure hes battled scrubs in the backyards they filmed for those videos but i think hes for real. I wanna c him against an established fighter that can take him to the ground and see how he handles that.


This guy got his ass kicked by a real fighter few years back in underground fight right?-I'm positive about this just dont wnat to look up the video-

He has good potential-much like Tyson in his teens- He is genetic freak it seems, very strong and explosive. If he gets GOOD training he will have a chance at a good career in MMA.


What happened to him facing Tank Abbott?

Didn't even know he was scheduled to fight Bo.


He got beat in a ten minute fight I believe by rich gannon(sp). Some say the fight had rules such as no knees which gannon used. At that time Kimbo really had no training at all, now he is under Bas Rutten who is basically a god of MMA.


yeah i saw that fight. It wasn't even an MMA fight. There were no subs and no knees allowed. Plus Gannon is a bum.

Cantrell certainly didn't look like he wanted to be in there.


No need to be wondering. He has all the mechanics of having trained in boxing for a number of years. Remember that not all boxers go on to pro. Many amateurs have lots of experience and talent, but because of poverty, drugs, jail, etc never make it.

He is not a young guy either, therefore he must have picked up a lot of tricks in the streets. MMA is not new by any chance. Organized and recognized yes, but in a lot of ways they are the modernized version of caged brawls that my father used to take me as a kid in the 70's.


hmnnnn I've watched a lot of Kimbo's fghts online, and yeah, he's a tank, hits damn hard, and takes a lot of shots, but I'm still damn curious what'll happen if a fight goes to grappling.



cough WORK cough

Yeah, Kimbo wouldv'e killed that guy probably. In slow motion he landed nothing significant though, and with shit eater Gary Shaw involved you have to wonder if he got a bonus for going out quickly.


Why didn't the just have him fight tne Brooklyn Brawler.

I would not be at all surprised if he took a dive.


I agree with training he has potential, more for his genetic level of athleticism than his street fighting.

He's fighting world class athletes now, or will be soon which is a far cry from beating up billy bob in the backyard.

His fighting does seem somewhat refined, but I don't know about boxing unless he is a really sloppy boxer. Maybe he just has enough experience to hone his own punches in from wild swings.


Kimbo gets a lot of crap, but he can HIT. The guy is just genetically gifted when it comes to swinging. Without any training up till now, he would have certainly beat the holy hell out of any of us. Now that he is trained well, I think he has potential. Shame its coming so late in his life.


I really can't get behind the whole "comes from the street" sentiment that so many people hold for Kimbo. Fighting on the "street" doesn't include only one-on-one fights against hand picked opponents, surrounded by your friends, who will step in to enforce rules on the fight (check out his fight against Gannon where people step in when Gannon starts using his knees). Fighting "on the street" includes the possibility of someone having a weapon, of several of their friends jumping in, etc, etc. His fights actually contained no "street" elements.

So why do people put so much value on him being from the "street"? Because the (heavily regulated) fights occur outside of rings, in backyards and parkinglots? Also, look at the people he fights in those videos... mostly overweight, out of shape "fighters" who take maybe one decent punch before going down.

I'm not taking anything away from the guy, he is a bull and tough as hell, and with the right training I'm sure he can do well in MMA. I'm just not quite so impressed with him being "from the street".


Krazy Horse is "from the street". Kimbo is kind of a street celebrity, most of his fights were just bare knuckle boxing matches.


I had to look this up, because I thought you were joking.


Nah Brad Imes is throwing GoGos all over the place, I think twice in the last month.