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Kimbo Slice Lolwut?




lsadufsdjfldskjfdsfjds,....know wat im sayin? alsdfldkjfdsajfsdlkfjfd,....know wat i mean? LOL


"They gonna mix it up...Mix Martial Arts."

I haven't heard so much uh's and umm's since Obama. I'm still rooting for him coming this September 16th.


I've heard worse. He's just a guy from the streets who made it big. Its not like he's a English major. He obviously uses a lot of slang and he had to clean up his words when talking on camera.


I'm going to go out on a limb and say that the guy is still humble, honest and respectful.

He has accepted the challenge of the UFC. I still don't see why he gets so much hate.


no he didnt, he swore like 10 times.

saying 'mix it up, its mixed martial arts' isn't cleaning it up.

neither is 'dodging a sprawl'


Yeah. Sounds like he respects the talent that's out there, and that he needs, and wants, to work hard to kick some ass.

Yeah, he's not the most articulate, but whatever. I understood him.


I call he don't make it to the finals.


When I heard, "ya know what I'm sayin'" for the tenth time I turned it off.

...30 seconds in.


Whats with the hate? He's not an actor/politician. What do you expect?


"Ain't no punk bitches in the UFC running round sayin I wanna fight"

I understood every word.


He'll only make it to the finale if it makes Dana White money . . .



How weird it would be to fight for a living. I did some Karate Tournaments and i was sooo nervous before every match.


beats paperwork


A basic understanding of the English language.


Are you fuckers serious? This guy beats people's heads in for a living...and you want him to sound like a school teacher?

I mean, honestly, where the fuck did you guys grow up? I personally didn't expect the kid who held a gun to my ear while stealing my sneakers to go off into a quotation from Oscar Wilde before he ran off with them in the 5th grade.

I guess rough mutherfuckers all sound like Rhodes Scholars in your neighborhood.

"Shall I punch my right phalanx bones through the left side of your mandible or stick my foot into the recesses of your anal canal? Decisions, my dear victim, decisions."


Can you imagine him and Mike Tyson in a game of scrabble?

Holy shit.


Those commercials with him and LT working out last year were awesome.

The UFC will polish him up if he gets that far. I'm definitely excited for this season though. Should be good.


Theres a bunch of others.


yea i do actually