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Kimbo Slice is a Wuss


Even a bug can beat him down




you fight him.


Representing the class of 2009!

Kimbo Slice would most likely destroy your face with one punch, please exit stage left.


that was possibly the stupidest thing ive ever seen


Kimbo, once developed as a fighter, would actually be a contender in the HW div. Right now, no. After a few more years of training, maybe.


Kimbo is a fourth rate boxer who will never amount to much in the UFC.

However, he is one of the last guys I'd want to get into a streetfight with. Anyone who has the balls to bareknuckle box regularly gets props in my book.


Kimbo's a bad dude, most people don't realize he's been training MMA now for the better part of three years. Apparently in his off time since the Petruzelli fight he's even been taking Gracie Ju-Jitsu. Just sayin'.


Anyone know how old he is. Man looks like he is in his late 30's maybe 40 not a great age to LEARN MMA and compete at a high level.



He just doesn't seem to be have the brain to be anything but a brawler. I don't think he'll ever grasp the Mixed part of MMA.




He's 35.

Randy Coture was early 30s when he started his MMA career. However he was a wrestler prior to that.


Mid 30's. So it comes down to his striking skills. He is naturally strong, He has knock out power (that is not a question). So what does this come down to. His ability to learn a ground Game and Ground protection. Because right now if bigger man AND HE IS NOT A TALL GUY will throw him to the ground and its over. So we will find out what his ability to learn something new fast is.

UFC I don't think he will make it to his second match with these hungry looking mofo's.


You know, I read this and have to ask: Has Kimbo ever actually knocked anyone out? I don't mean ref stoppage or someone tapping due to strikes, but just straight put a quitter on somebody? I don't recall him ever doing it. Beating up bums in someones backyard or having James Thompson lay on you for 90 sec doesn't = KO artist. I've always liked the guy.

He comes across humble and hungry in his interviews and is definitely respectful of his oppertunity, but he's a manufactured MMA star. With that, like Irish said he's one tough sonofabitch and I wouldn't say any of this to his face with a thick layer of sound proof glass between us.


Kimbo is a big scary dude I'll give him that. It's great what he's done with his life. But in all seriuosness where do people see that he has skills? Those youtube fights are against what looks like funny video game characters.. I mean AfroMan????? some 400lb all fat guy who didn't get knocked out but took one punch and said fuck you i don't want to fight.

The cop may have some skills on the strength of being a cop. But he did lose. He has been training MMA for 3 years great, but has anyone seen any new skills? His wieghtclass he's going against who? Rampage or Brock? Is he a 235 that can drop to a 205, or will he have to fight some naturally 255 person?


Well....people give Kimbo's stand up way too much credit. He loads his right hand and depends on it for all his fights. Simple strategy for beating his stand up, avoid the power hand and stick and move. I would not fight him in a street fight, but I see this every fight he's in, including his youtube fights. All his opponents had a mashed up left side of their faces at the end. And honestly, if the prime tank abbott stepped into the ring with him, he would have handed Kimbo his ass. But Tank has been past it for many years. I wish him well, but fighters with more training and skill can negate everything he has. Most boxers learn to defeat a brawler like him in their first few months of training.


Tank Abbott was knocked out by Kimbo. Straight up, KTFO.


I like the comments like "you fight him," and "Kimbo Slice would most likely destroy your face with one punch, please exit stage left," as if the OP had actually made a serious post.


Doesn't change my opinion. Tank is and was past it when they fought.


Yeah, I was just letting you know. :wink: