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Kimbo-Shamrock Oct 4

Dunno if everyone’s seen this already, but since i ddint see it posted here:

I guess this will be cool. I expect Kimbo to win, but there’s enough of an experience gap that Shamrock could pull it off. If he does I see it going down like Lesnar-Mir. If Kimbo wins I’d expect it to look like Ortiz-Shamrock 2.5 or ortiz-shamrock 2 (Take 1) if Herb Dean or Dan Mirgliatta is the ref

I think it’s a good headliner for CBS. High profile fighters and the potential for a good knockout. Now that’s not to say I’m “excited” about the fight, but I will be watching.

It’ll be a work, ala Shamrock-Franklin.

[quote]CaliforniaLaw wrote:
It’ll be a work, ala Shamrock-Franklin.[/quote]

How was Shamrock-Franklin a work? Franklin was on crutches for a week after that fight. If anything was a work, I’d say the Ortiz-Shamrock III fight was.

I really don’t think Ken has any business being in the cage, but if he can stay out of the way of Kimbo’s bombs and get this thing to the ground he could easily submit Slice.

Actually, Elite is in a no-lose spot b/c if Shamrock wins they can say Kimbo lost to a MMA legend and it helps set up Ken vs. Frank if they want to go that route. If Kimbo wins, well it just helps his rep.

[quote]CaliforniaLaw wrote:
It’ll be a work, ala Shamrock-Franklin.[/quote]

I still cannot help but feel the same way.

this is going to be a stinker. ken is well past his his prime and has not had a good fight in years. his chin is shot and being of the juice has not been good to him. the sad thing is he still has a chance against a terrible kimbo. the only reason I will watch it is becuase i will be tuned in for the carano and cyborg fights.

Aw man I love ken shamrock. I looked up to him and in some ways still do. He is one of the best EVER. Im afraid to say that Kimbo is gonna win this one hands down though. Shamrock hasnt fought the same, hes too old, hes just not a fighter anymore.Kimbo is getting better and better but has problems on the ground just like Brock lesnar. you can only get so far in MMA fighting stand up.

I am a huge Shamrock fan!! But its sad to see him going out so poorly…my only hope is that he comes in juiced to the gills, he needs to be!!

another fixed fight for kimbo

I know this fight has got loads of bad press but atleast we will see how kimbo fairs against someone with loads of experience both standing and ground, plus its a definate sellout and good for the organisation

[quote]underthestar wrote:
I am a huge Shamrock fan!! But its sad to see him going out so poorly…my only hope is that he comes in juiced to the gills, he needs to be!![/quote]

couldn’t agree more

what weight class is this gonna be? Kimbo has to outweigh Shamrock by a lot…

I saw that dude at the bar last night after my hockey game…even his fuckin’ beard looks big.

edit - on the tv, that is.



ken shamrock is ruining his legacy

you were the man ken… before you got old

i hope kimbo doesn’t punch ken’s head off his shoulders. but, this is whats going to happen kimbo is waayyyyy too strong for ken to bring the fight to the ground so standup is where the fight is going to take place, and as much hate as kimbo gets he really does have some decent boxing

Kimbo Slice is a MMA publicity stunt and Ken Shamrock is too old to fight. This fight will be sloppy and probably not worth watching, but since it’s free…yeah I’ll watch it.

Im hoping for a heel hook. Tired of Kimbo fighting guys that someone making 250k a fight has no business fighting. I do agree with whoever said Kimbo is to strong to be taken down by Ken, but I still think Ken could do it. If he gets it to the ground Ken will work him. I hope to see that, I just dont expect it.

kimbo is a no talent ass clown, wow he got famous on the internet beating up random guys from his street, THATS SOOO COOOOLLL BRO!!! not, too bad kens old, he would destroy him from his prime, i cant wait til kimbo fights someone good and gets knocked the fuck out. he looks like grizzly adams and a black bears offspring though… but uglier

I guess that I am disappointed that this is even relevant.