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Kimbo Protein Shake


"If you wanna play the game, you play with LT. If you wanna play the game you train like LT yeah. Cus it's so hard to be the best. You Don't wanna train like all the rest."



So thats what I've been missing in my shakes! Leather, hot sauce, and the special Kimbo sauce.


Ugh... I think he actually drank that. Either way, that is a strange collaboration to see. Good find.


lol Kimbo is a youtube marketing genius.


Those videos are so random it's hilarious.


I just love the damn music in the background. And fuck Rocky, LT god damn TACKLED the meat.


No, I think they switched it when the camera was high enough to not be in view. I doubt Tomlinson would drink something that would make him physically ill.


Correct. I think it occurs after Kimbo puts the leather in there (you know, to make it tough). At that point, he steps back, the camera shifts up, and he starts to tell LT about how it is going to taste like mint. Right around that time--maybe 1:36 or so--you can hear a "clunk" as though someone is taking a container off the blender or putting one on.


We need digitalairair to start making youtube videos preferebly slow motion of T-Nation members.