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Kim Jong Un, North Korea's Future


Will be interesting to see what happens.



Whatever dude, he's on a bulk and Biotest being the patriots they are, refuse to sell him any Indigo3G


Actually, I prefer rotund to bat shit crazy when it comes to dictators, but maybe thats just me.


Maybe his fingers are too big to press the red button properly?


Or maybe he is satisfied with simple pleasures, like overeating and jacking off to internet porn.

Nothing wrong with that, much less taxing that mass performances by the people.


Ever the optimist.


Admit it, you could do worse than to be ruled by fat, lazy bastards.

They could have ambitions.






Aaaaaaaand here we- go!

Are there more picture of Kim Jong Sun looking at things? It's gonna be hard reaching his father's legacy...


In b4 NC army paratroopers capturing every fast-food/burger joint in the U.S.


Alright, they have a large army, but every last one of them O_O?

No wai!


You say the men behind me are from the Army and they say I have to get inside there? I don't understand. Daddy said I'm in charge.


Haven't found any yet. But I applaud your enthusiasm. Kim Jung Sun looks like he is having second thoughts on the matter though.