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Kim Jong Il


North Korea has fucking ninja's...


Yea, I once saw a live show with Shaolin Monks doing that sort of thing. It's great theatrics but they better bring more than that to the party....


Some banker in San Fransisco asked one of the monks if he could kick him in the gonads as hard as he can. The monk complied and the Banker, Shaolin Crane/Matrix style kicked him in the junk.

In an unrelated incident,
Monk Closes His Eyes to the World

Thailand A Buddhist monk glued his eyes shut after mistaking a tube of superglue for eye drops. Phra Khru Prapatworakhun quickly realized that his eyes were bonded shut and decided to remedy his situation by drenching them in paint thinner. When the intense burning kicked in, monkmates took the hapless holy man to a nearby Bangkok hospital, where doctors used a chemical solvent to reopen his eyes. The monk sustained no permanent vision damage, but the monastery may have to toss its Drano supply to prevent further problems should the monastic man ever start choking.


Clearly Rummy's Kung-Fu is stronger!!!


Very funny stuff! :slight_smile:




holy fuckin shit


thats some amaizing shit there