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Kim Jong Il Dead...


Said to have died of a stroke this morning during a train ride. Can't say that I will miss him, but the world sure does not need more uncertainty right now.


2011 has been a bad year for dictators.

And the golfing world will mourn it's greatest golfer.


...and most prolific writer, musician, and the inventor of the hamburger.


Let us hope that he`s son takes to sanity and actually takes the country in a positiv direction for its people and the rest of the world. Would probably not bet my savings on that, but it cant hurt to have some hope of
improvement for the oppressed people of NK.


I really wonder what's in store for North Korea, will it continue to be completely disconnected from the rest of the world?




That's good news!

Hard to believe it's from natural cause.

Anyway, when compared to Saddam and possibly Lybia's ex-president, his death can only bring potentially good tidings for koreans. It literally can't get worse for them.

That is, if no general wants to come out on top with lots of sabre-rattlin'.
Which might end ugly.

Big question is how the chinese will handle the new guys, and what their general plans are with the peninsula.
I'd safely bet that a cleptocratic regime a la Myanmar will get Beijing's blessing.

viceland dot com /vice travel guide) has some great videos about NK.


Actually,his son is alot more crazier than he was. There will be infighting as Kim wanted his youngest son to take over but his older son will not stand for that. Meanwhile,military leaders of that country will not stand for any of those children to run the country. Military Coup at the very least.


expect bloodshed...


A source to back this claim? I read it was a fake. It was awesome to watch Tiger rise up to and then during his peak, now he is down there with Charlie Sheen IMHO shrug


This would be an excellent time to put a beatdown on the Iranians and give the North Koreans something to think about as they are getting their house in order.


Bin Laden, Gaddafi and now King Jong-Il - hell of a hattrick!
Interesting to see what happens to North Korea now.


Can't tell if joking or if you had not heard of The GLORIOUS LEADERS magnificent 36 under par round.....the first time he ever played, including 11 holes-in-one.







Fucking tragedy that such a gifted human being died.

Apparently he could not only outgolf but also outdrink Hitchens.

He will be greatly missed.

Not by me, but then I am an indifferent bastard.


I'm sorry, what? His son is crazier and more militant than he is. He has said, on more than one occasion, that he WILL reunite the two Koreas, whether South Korea wants it or not. Most of the Asian countries around N. Korea, excepting China, have held emergency meetings to discuss the fallout of Kim Jong Il dying. This is NOT a good thing. He was like God to them. This is like Jesus Christ dying all over again.


Just saw this on the news.

It made me laugh. Untill I thought that a good percentage are crying cause there scared of the consequences of not crying.




I figure Jr. will take over and the oppression and misery will continue unabated. I don't see precedence for any change. He's not the only nut job there.