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I want to purchase a kilt, the idea came to me as a birthday gift for my little brother after seeing the link to sportskilts.com in a recent Atomic Dog discussion. Now, if Dan John pipes in on this it would be awesome or any member who's knowledgable in this area because right now I'm suffering paralysis by analysis by all the different choices and background info.

Focus: My little bro's birthday is October 15th, and he's about a 44 waist. So, I need to have it shipped by then. Any input would be greatly appreciated. I'm leaning towards the Irish pattern or black watch tartan at sports kilt right now because that's the only review I've seen from anyone.

Apologies if this seems incoherent.



They are very good about answering the size issues on the phone. I have found, though, that you just go with what they recommend and you will be just fine. As for patterns, I think the darker choices are nicer (the school I teach at uses Blackwatch), but try to find...or do like most people do and simply invent...some connection with a tartan.

I think that sportkilt has done a great service to the community...my kilt is well over $300 and everything I wear for formal stuff is got to run me about a thousand...but, the chicks did it.


I have a sportkilt and love it. I'm also seriously considering a utilikilt.


Are you guys rocking the poly or the cotton?


Sportkilt is great for the money. Nothing fancy there though--just velcro closure.

Utilikilt is cool, but not traditional. Nothing wrong with that, but it can be a factor. Their site seems to be down right now (utilikilt.com) but you can see some of there stuff here. http://www.findcoolclothes.com/01991.html



Man, those Utilikilts look killer! Anyone rocking one of those bad boys? I'm a kilt virgin, but they look cool and chicks dig 'em. What do I need to know?



The only you need to know is that you will be asked, ad nasuem, what you are wearing underneath. Be prepared.

The most effective response is generally to lift the kilt and give em an eyefull of the boys... although this can lead to your arrest. So decide on your course of action ahead of time. Or Guinness will.


Just got a USA kilts Robertson Red in poly viscose from my in-laws for Christmas, and it is excellent. Sporran, hose, and flashes too!

I'd try USAkilts.com or Stillwaterkilts.com for a first kilt.

Check them out at their respective websites.

Also for more kilt information, don't underestimate what you can learn from kiltwearers at xmarksthescot.com.

At the Xmarks forum, I'm Prester John.


chicks do dig 'em. i played on an ultimate frisbee team in school and we wore kilts.

btw the correct answer to the question is " lipstick ".


Haha i happen to own a kilt. A far removed member of my family brought it for me, who just so happens to be Scottish. Anyhow, why do you want a kilt? It wont impress the ladies; unless you're buying osme bagpipes with it.


I own the Stewart Black from sport kilt and it turns out lots of other people do to. My wife loves me in my kilt, and a good answer for what you wear under is "socks and shoes".


Man!! I got in on this one late!!

I've got a black origional Utilikilt and I love it! I got it in october at a local celtic festival. If you're not sure about a traditional or sport kilt and want to be the center of conversation go with the Utilikilt.



Nice kilt and cool shirt!


All you need to know about Utilikilts is that you need to buy one. They are comfortable, look great, and are the best chick magnet on earth (aside from a puppy). As mentioned above, just be prepared for occasional "Kilt Checks" by various women.

Note: wearing the T-Nation shirt with "Testosterone" written across the chest in combination with a kilt is guaranteed to get you odd looks from people. And lots of people asking of "tes-tos-ter-ony" is some kind of pasta.


I'll second this!! I helped with the caber toss after I bought my kilt and had a couple of the pro compeditors comment on my shirt. Most were familiar with the Nation!



Thanks man!! I made that shirt myself. You can't see it in the pic, but the T-Tribal is the Flower of Scotland tartan.