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kilo vs ibs

Hi. do you know how many pounds you need to get 1kilo?
ty power

2.2 pounds

2.205 pounds to be exact, that .005 adds up after a little while.

2.20462199000203927534075188632969, but who is counting

Is this a joke? Try exerting 30 seconds of web research before cluttering up the forum. OK, if you are a complete newbie to the Internet and have just figured out that “there may be something to those computer thingies after all,” you can go to any search engine such as Yahoo or Excite or Google or Infoseek and type in “kilograms pounds” in the search box and press “Enter” on you keyboard–that’s a single key, not the letters “E-N-T-E-R”–and you will get a site with your answer. Ask dot com (you will have to figure out how to abbreviate that) allows you to ask plain English questions and get an immediate answer.