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Killing Your Sweet Tooth


Hey guys how goes it?

I find i have a hard time killing my cravings for food i used to eat (chocolate, candy, crackers, all that useless sh**). Iv read on many bodybuilding websites that eating the following;

  • beef jerk, dark chocolate, drinking pop (other carbonated beverages)

Is a good way to kill that sweet tooth/craving. Anyone have any suggestions as to how to deal with this absolutely dumb problem of mine. Oh and any other snack ideas in between meals that anyone has I will listen to.



Those things are amazing, i eat the shit out of those.




Those cocoa roast almonds are amazing. I just picked some up the other day and it's like crack.


By the beard of Zeus, I must find those in Canada...


maybe try drinking chocolate milk? its got sugar so you get your fix, and then underneath there is milk. which dominates.




Get a tablespoon of creamed (solid) honey and lick the shit out of it.

Lasts a good 30 minutes or so, sweet as fuck, 60kcal.

I'd advocate the almonds, but I know just how much some people can eat of those :frowning:




Crystal light may help.

Chocolate may be tough.

Crackers are a ridiculous thing to crave. Who the hell likes crackers?? lol


O rly?

Your mom never put these in your lunches growing up?


Going on a strict keto and fighting through really bad cravings for weeks straight is what basically killed them for me.

Now when bulking I have something sweet MAYBE 3x a month.


Diet pop. Sugar free gum. Drugs.



It'll take your mind of your belly rumbling!


Try discipline. C'mon, it's just food. If you try to find ways to work around those cravings, you'll never get rid of them.
Just try no to give in to them and establish a new behavioral "pattern". Will take you some months.


Suck it up or earn it. I allow myself to eat the things that I crave after hard training. If I'm dieting then I just make sure that I stay within desired calorie range (maintain negative energy balance). So, you can have those treats but a bit of control is of cource needed.



Id eat fresh mozzarella on italian bread with basil. newb


This statement is ridiculous.


A nice steak grilled mediumthen add some EVOO on top, not much calories,very tasty and will provide satiety for an extended period of time