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Killing Spree


ok, so what would trigger you guys to go on an all out, Charles Bronson style killing spree?

would it be revenge of a lost loved one (ala mad max)? saving your kidnapped kid sister?

what would trigger you to do it?

i'm talking loading up on weaponry and going after the bad guys.

(and no, i'm not some psycho that wants to shoot innocent people, i'm wondering in a movie sense... i don't think there's anything that could happen that would make me go out on a killing spree, but i'm wondering what would motivate someone else to do it)

and i'm not talking the kind of killing spree where people find you a horrible person, i'm talking Charles Bronson style where people are rooting for you.

so what would cause you to lose it?


people asking stupid questions


If someone hugged my girlfriend.


Just remember, somewhere, a little Chinese girl is warming up with your max. -- Jim Conroy, Olympic weightlifting coach.

Seeing this realy happen, I would go postal.......Just kiddin.


pssh... who needs a reason

i went on a killing spree when the local albertsons ran out of "i can't believe it's not butter".

reasons are for pussies.


Old job interiew joke:

"Where do you see yourself in five years?"

"In jail for killing some motherfucker who kept asking me dumb questions."




days that end in y.


Shits and giggles.

Just got a new gun, wanted to make sure it worked...

I'm flexable on this one.


People who hold up shoes and ask what their body fat is.




Curling in the squat rack.


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