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Killing Fleas


Backyard has rabbits. Rabbits have fleas. Cat hunts rabbits. Now cat has fleas. Now two cats and one dog have fleas.

Attempted solutions:
1) Bio flea spot shield thingie http://www.biospot.com/ and bug bomb for the house.
Result: Failure

2) Flea collars for all three
Result: Failure

3) Dawn dishsoap bath.
Result: failure

Additional methods used: daily vacuuming of house and spraying of house/carpet with "flea spray"


How do I kill these bastards?


Eliminate the primary vector.


Get a gun, shot gun , BB gun , pellet gun . Start killing rabbits on a daily basis problem solved.


or you can call these guys


I've had this problem before and I take the total war approach. I bathe all animals with an anti flea shampoo, followed by flea combing a few hours later. Then a topical OTC that you apply to the shoulder blades. Also get some flea powder and put down on animal beds, rugs, carpets etc. I also spray the yard with an anti flea treatment...hooks up to the water hose.

If they get established inside then you've got issues...go to war with them as soon as you see signs. Good luck bro.


Bubonic plague!

Well, not in Japan...

But in the US....


This stuff works pretty well outside - http://www.scotts.com/smg/catalog/productTemplate.jsp?tabs=general&proId=prod180004&itemId=cat50078&id=cat50008


Had the same problem. I live in the woods and own 2 hound dogs. Get some Borax (it's a laundry detergent) and pour it on the ground in whatever rooms have fleas. Wait for 5-10 minutes and it'll kill all of them. Then vacuum it up and it gets rid of the mess. As for the pets, get a hardcore flea medicine and it should kill what they have/prevent the rest. The only flea medicine I can recommend is called Trifexis. You need a prescription from your vet to get it, and it's more expensive than average flea meds. But totally worth it. https://www.trifexis.com/rebate/default.aspx Hope that helps. Good luck. Fleas are pure hell to deal with.


My experience with flea infestations is extensive.

Getting rid of the fleas will require a lot of daily discipline on your part. You will need to get a powerful anti-flea spray bomb every inch of your carpet with it. Vacuum daily with a bag-less vacuum and take those flea eggs and and such far away from your house, using the curtain attachment on the pets isn't bad idea if they let you close, some actually enjoy it due to shedding hair.

Line the perimeter of your house with seven dust or some such.

This kind of thing takes time but you can beat those blood sucking devils. They are hard to kill so crush em hard when then bite you.


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My childhood is relived


We went through this last fall with out cat. Took cat to Petco for a dip, flea powder all over the house, on the couch, beds, etc., vacuumed it up. This didn't get rid of them.

Took the cat for a 2nd dip at the vet, called our exterminator. He came in with something, walked through the house spraying everything, came back a week later and hit it again. Did around the house as well, no more fleas.

So far so good, we get a 5-month supply of the flea treatment and apply it each month, works very well.



Fennel seeds powder.

The little fucks hate it!

Thats if you are worried about insecticiding the shit out of your house.


Well then Bubonic Plague!!!!!

Especually in the South West.


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Substitute "I-ba-ra-gi" for "Car-o-li-na"


Thanks for the advice everyone. I'll keep the fight going.


Fleas might be the worst thing i ever had to deal with in college. vaccum and bomb the fuck out of the carpet


Ah memories!

I've taken on and won plenty of fights with insects, several of which were entrenched in the houses/buildings I worked in.

The most annoying apart from fleas are wasps, hornets and ants. Cockroaches are yet to be seen. As others have said, don your armour, sharpen your sword and go to war, insects do not know the meaning of defeat until they're wiped out.


after mowing the yard I drop mothballs about every 4'. most pets will ignore them and if you're worried use the crystals. fleas hate them and I've managed to chase the fireants into my neighbors yard. just replace them as they dissolve. the grass seems to be greener where I drop them.
use Dr. Bronner's peppermint soap when I mop the hardwood floors. it kills the fleas on contact, and seems to work on the eggs as well and smells great. it also works as a pet bath but you can overdo it as it does dry the skin a bit.
also use it to spray tomato's and other plants. won't harm you as it is totally organic and peppermint will kill or drive off a lot of pests.
also the best soap I've found for oily skin.