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Killing Fat by Dr. Darden - 32 Year Old's Journey

This is a log to document my Killing Fat diet and training log. As most people probably know, Killing Fat as written by Dr. Darden. I’ve spent my whole life trying to gain weight, weighing about 95lbs at 16 years old, now at 32 years old I have been fluctuating anywhere in between 180-185. I weighed around 205 lbs a couple years ago but then had a bad case of pneumonia which I was out of work for about a month and lost a bunch of weight and muscle. I weight 175 when I was finally healthy enough to get back in the gym. I’ve been doing mostly 5/3/1 for the past 7 or so years training 4 days a week. I’ve been doing the workout plan for about 2 weeks already from the book utilizing 30-10-30. But on 10/26/20 I will officially start the 6 week diet and workout plan. My goal is to shed the fat around my abdomen area as I feel I’m fairly lean everywhere else. I also hope this will jump start my body to start building more mass when I gradually add calories back in afterwards. I will be posting updates daily on how I feel and look. Here it goes!


Weight - 183.2
Right Upper Arm (hanging) - 13.5"
Left Upper Arm (hanging) - 13.5"
Chest - 39 1/2"
Belly high - 34"
Belly middle ’ 35"
Belly low - 34 1/4"
Hips - 33 1/2"
Right Thigh - 23 1/4"
Left Thigh - 23 1/2"

Pinch Test:

Right Tricep - .25"
Adjacet to Navel - .1"
Combined total - 1.25"
Body Fat Percentage - 13-18%
Fat Pounds - 23.82 - 32.98
Estimated percentage of body fat -


Day 1:

Day 1 is in the books as I sit here eating my yogurt and Breakstones Cottage Double to finish up my evening snack. I will say going from eating 3,000 calories a day (with about 450 of that being carbohydrates) to 1,600 is a bit of a wake up call. I have been mildly hungry all day but its been slightly refreshing from eating 5 big meals per day to get all those calories in. It was also refreshing eating something different for once since I’m a very routine eater. The workout went well. I have already been doing the Killing Fat workout routine, 6 exercises to start with, for two weeks so I bumped it up to 8 and added the negative only chins and negative only push up, since I don’t have access to dip bars at the moment.

To note, I don’t think I drank 1 gallon of ice water. It was probably in the realm of 1/2 to 3/4 of a gallon so I need to work on that.

My next workout will be Thursday so that’s two full days in between. I will probably stick with working out Mondays and Thursdays which seem to work best for me.

Will be following along. Have you taken any progress pictures to compare with after?

I took initial photographs, basically one image from the front, back and from the side. I will maybe post them to this training log at the end of the 6 weeks.

Day 2:

I was much hungrier today than I was yesterday. As I type this I’m thinking about eating supper in the next hour or less. Right now I’m feeling extremely hungry but I’m still sticking to the meal plan. No training today as I trained yesterday and I’m not experiencing much soreness. I may try to up the intensity even more on Thursday. I do feel lighter if that makes any sense.

Day 3:

Today I was quite miserably hungry again. I knew from previous attempts at doing 24 hour fasts that I do not do well on calorie restrictive diets, but I must find a way to continue forward. These 3 days feel like an eternity but I’m guessing they will get easier as the weeks go by. Tomorrow is my 2nd training day for the week. I’m still progressing using 30-10-30, which is challenging in and of itself. I’ve really enjoyed focusing on one set per exercise and will continue to do HIT for quite some time I suspect.

Day 4:

I will say today was a little easier managing my hunger. I may just be getting used to eating gin 1,600 calories. I realize I look forward to every meal and snack I get to eat. Before I was shoveling as much as I could get in and now I meticulously eat my food and seem to enjoy it more.

I had workout two day for the week and it went pretty well. I’ve noticed my overhead barbell press is not getting any better and may be getting worse so I will be dropping the weight. What seems to happen is the reps in between the 30 seconds negatives are quite hard and then the last 30 seconds I try not to shake all over the place. Every other lift seems to be going up. However I will be switching to a goblet squat because the dumbbell squats, holding them to the sides, seems to be taking a toll on my lower back which makes the ab work almost
Impossible to complete without having any pain.

Onward and upward!

Day 5:

I’m really not enjoying eating only 1,600 calories a day. I find myself craving food quite a bit, which probably comes from being able to eat almost anything my whole life and not gain a lot of weight. It will be a struggle to complete 6 weeks. I will evaluate after 2 and see where my body fat percentage lies and see if I need to continue or slowly add in calories to start putting on lean mass.

Hi JT,

Did you quit the 30-10-30 attempt? Based on your initial measurements, and your craving for food, I would recommend you start over again, by just adding the routine and rely on the effect of thermodynamics. I would just try to eat as healthy as possible, get sufficient rest and limit stress. Too many rules can make an obstacle too many. Focus on the routine only, is my advice. Not sure what Dr Darden’s standpoint is though.

A later note: Saw your and Dr Darden’s comments in another thread. You are supposedly waiting for the backloading e-book for advise. I may also add that the 30-10-30 routine is probably easier to get the hang of when using machines instead of free weights. Just my thoughts.

Hey. Yeah I basically gave up haha. I’m still doing HIT and training 2-3 days a week. I don’t do well on very restrictive diets, I went from eating 3,000 calories a day to 1,600. And I knew that going in but wanted to see how it would go. I went away from 30-10-30 after about 6 weeks. I’m doing the foundational AB routine from the book here on T-Nation. I’m back to eating 2,900 calories a day and professing well. All lifts are increasing every workout and I’m feeling really good. My focus will be on gaining mass for quite awhile. I’ve been skinny my whole life and I didn’t weigh over 100lbs till I was 16 years old. Gaining weight has always been a struggle. I’m following the Neurotype 3 high carbs mass gain diet and professing well.

And I’m doing a cadence of 3-3 and focusing on smooth reps to failure. I’m really enjoying it.

Great JT!
Don’t fix what isn’t broken! I made good progress with “normal” HIT cadences myself, but need variation in my training to keep myself occupied. Keep up the good work!

Thats kind of what I thought. I don’t really need a lot of variation, I just need to see what I’m doing is working and helping me make good progress. I have a tendency to always think the grass is greener and think there is one perfect way of training for me. So sometimes sticking to one thing is hard. Thanks for checking in!!!

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