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Killer Workout


hers a new training routine i plan to use this summer. plan to use some new supps and hope to gain 15+lbs.


each day i will workout one body part, mixing in some light cardio for rest periods. my plan for each day will start with stretching and about 30min of light cardio followed by a warm up set then 4 sets of 3-4 reps with increasing weight. going to use atleast 4 exercise/body part. next will do 45min of light cardio followed by a workout to exhaustion sets(5) using light weight. after 2weeks will change routine working in 1rep max days.

supps include: superdrol, creatine, multi vit., fishoil, (pct after cycle of superdrol)
also 4000calories/day, 350g protein/day

any suggestions would help. if i left out anything ill update


What? WHAT????? I'm dumbfounded.

First of all, why all that cardio. Progressive weight loading. Sets to exhaustion. Are you new to this site?


I loved the way you put superdrol on the same line as creatine, multi vit and fish-oil.

My advice?
Skip the superdrol untill you know what you're doing.

And you don't know what you're doing when you start your work out with stretching then 30 minutes of cardio.


im using what works for me not a one routine fits all crap. since last year at this time i have gained fifty lbs and gone up in body fat by only 10%. just wanted to see what others thought. so back off.


I dont want to offend you at all or demine your either, but what your saying doesnt make mathimatical sense or Scienitific sense for that matter? Honestly I understand finding a routine that works for you but this has no logic whats so ever?
And its kinda unfair to say in a forum "I just wanted to know what others thought? and then follow up with "back off" after they told you what they thought??


Don't feed the trolls


So...who's authoring this thread? mschulke or xxmatt84?


That is a killer workout indeed. I would say that you should also have a "Wife Beater Sunday" with your friends. It would really motivate you, I'm sure of it.


I just hope he doesn't start replying to himself.

(I forgot, who was it that did that recently? Whatever happened to that thread?)