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In this week’s T-Nation:

Leave the Cave
by TC

TC meets John Kerry, gets philosophical and admits that soccer isn’t such a wuss sport after all. (Gasp!)

The Mutation Series
by Christian Thibaudeau

Thibaudeau evolves AGAIN! In this new series he’ll show you exactly how he did it!

Diary of a Steroid User
by Anonymous

One man chronicles his first foray into illegal anabolics. Was it worth it? You decide.

Stretching for Strengthening, Part II
by John Paul Catanzaro

The do’s and don’ts of stretching. You may be surprised.

Experiments vs. Experience
with Dr. Lonnie Lowry

Lonnie and Fortress discuss some of the highlights of a recent scientific conference in this audio download!

News and Feedback

“Snug” women, why Paul Chek is cuddly, and why muscular men aren’t good for marriage. All that plus your weird-ass emails.

CT, holy crap!

CT, great job! and the steroid diary was a great read 2

TC’s Leave the Cave, was a great read.

DAMN, I love this MAG!!!

CT, A-Dog, Anon - All excellent stuff! I’m going back to finish up!

[quote]Leave, leave, leave the cave!

Too bad so many people find it so cozy in there.

My main goal in life is to broaden my perspective; accept new concepts and new truths. Otherwise, I?m no good to anybody, least of all myself. I want to be able to judge ideas on their own merit rather that judge them on who they came from or from my past experiences. If, if I can do that, life?s a lot more exciting and rewarding, whether we?re talking about politics or religion, weight training or diet.

Leave the cave. It?s a lot nicer outside.[/quote]


GREAT group of articles. It is hard to beleive that you outdid the consistantly high bar weekly issues.

On a lighter note. I cant beleive some I imagine they are good for some consistant humor atleast.

Thanks guys,


Seems I am on a roll the last few days for missing things.

Grad. school finals are causing mental meltdown I think.


Excellent articles!

Great Article from CT, finally someone in from America realises footy (soccer) is NOT a sport for a wuss :slight_smile:

Concerning the 'Diary of a Steroid User". Okay, the guy gets ripped off for $600, then neglects his kid, then feels guilty, then gets paranoid, then his wife injects him in front of his daughter and they lie to her. End result? Ten pounds gain.

No, not worth it. Confirmed my decision to stay legal. Good article. I may make a new post about this.


I was going to post the exact same thing but you beat me to it. All that for a 10# gain. Let’s not forget the PMS-like symptoms he experienced and the paranoia he felt every time he saw a cop. Even if steroids were legal, they would not be worth it, at least not for me, based on this guy’s reported mood swings. Add to the fact that it could lead to legal problems, or at a minimum, paranoid delusions about the cops coming after you, and it makes it that much less appealing.

BTW - Not passing judgment on those who use. As a libertarian, what people put in their body is their business. These comments apply to my situation only.

I thought the streching series was superb. Comprehensive, well-researched, and good photos. Many coaches and athletes are still in the stone ages when it comes to flexibility.

Yet, when you look at the atheletes who are at the top, they tend to have good flexibility. I remember seeing Frank Shamrock on tape a few times – he was limber as a cat.