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Killer Leg Program


JUst thought I would throw this out..Its a leg program I did back in 2001 just for fun after the Olympics.
for 6 weeks you complete.
Back Sqt. or Front Sqt.
3x6-(6RM)tempo(explosive)complete all 3 sets then move to..
3x10-(12RM)-tempo(explosive)complete all sets then move to..
3x24-(24RM)tempo(slow-202)complete if you can

It is simular to poliquins AGVT, but its not a super set.

After the 6 weeks do 4 weeks of

DAys per week 3 i.e-Mon/Wed/Fri

after 3 weeks I was warming up with 225 no problem. Which proves that High frequeny training rules!

By the way I am a 5'8/168lb-FEMALE
good luck boys!


Very impressive!! That workout looks brutal. BTW where you an athlete in the olympics or you just started doing this after the olympics. If you did compete then in what and how did you do?


I was on the Olympic team for track and field (hammer throw) I was top 15 in the World back then...now I am strength coach...with a lifting addiction!


Wow, do we have Michelle Fournier on the forum!

I'm curious,



i kicked her ass...no


Oh... I think I know who you are now...

Please post more on the "Strength sports" forum, we powerlifters and strength athlete would learn a lot from your experience!

I wish powerlifting will be in the Olympics one day,



Looks like a killer indeed!


Who am I ? What can you learn from my experiance....don't talk around what you are really trying to say...again what experiance?


Just a question, do you alternate front/back as you feel or you stick with only one the whole time?


Stick with one the whole time...pick your weakest and kill it! For example if I choose to improve my back squat I would warmup with Fr. Sqt- with a breakdown like this 1x8, 1x6, 2x4..then begin the killer rep routine for back sq.


Allright, thanks.