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Killer GPP exercises

Here are some great weighted GPP exercises to take your training up a notch:

Full Body Attack

Place two dumbbells on the floor and place your hands on them in the pushup position. Do a push-up jump forward into the bottom position of a clean. Now clean the dumbbells to your shoulder. Go into a full squat and then stand and push press the weights overhead. Take the dumbbells back to the starting position and go back into a pushup. try working up to using 2 70lb dumbbells for 12-15 reps.

Rengade Man Maker

Same position as the Full body attack. Do a renegade row with each arm, then jump forward into the bottom position of a clean. Clean the dumbbells to your shoulders and do an alternating press. Take the dumbbells back to the floor and drop back into the pushup position.

Mike Mahler

I love the full-body attack. I haven’t done them in a while, as my ego got the best of me (too much weight) and I hurt my back.

renagade row? where can i find info on that?

Thanks Mike,

These look “evil!” I look forward to trying them next week.

There is probably a photo of Coach Davies doing the Renegade row in one of his articles here at t-mag. Otherwise, see the photos section of my website.

Mike Mahler

I saw this when you or someone posted it a while back on mma.

Been a staple of my workouts for a long time, excellent addition to training. I do rounds of the full body attack with light sledgehammer work as active recovery.