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Killer Death Match

It was a normal day, in metropolis and then bruce banner came to town. upset of hearing superman is the strongest guy on the world he decides to challenge super man in a competition where there were no ties but one winner and one loser. he dares superman to a death match and threatens to destroy all that stand in his path until he agrees to fight. with little thought super man accepts. no rules, no weapons just power vs power.they head on over to a deserted place to battle, they stare at eachother with intensity. superman dashs towards the hulk…

who will win ???

Haven’t you heard of superspeed? Hulk never gets a hit in.

The Hulk is as strong as Superman, but Superman beats him in every other physical characteristic- speed, agility, flying, etc. Plus Superman can bombard the Hulk with heat vision and super breath, and, can reverse time by spinning the Earth in a reverse direction. No chance for the Hulk.

[quote]cageceo wrote:
superman dashs towards the hulk…

and proceeds to apply a hug of brotherly love around the Hulk while repeating the phrase “it’s not your fault, it’s not your fault,” causing the Hulk to metamorphisize back to a wholely mortal state. Superman then unleashes a 500 mile-per hour overhand right to the top of the utterly disarmed and unsuspecting creatures head, pulverizing him in a putrid, vulgar display of fleshly debris. The end.

[quote]cageceo wrote:superman dashs towards the hulk…

and then the hulk, letting out a horrific ear-shattering roar, unleashes his radioactive heat breath, scorching Superman and distracting him for a moment while the hulk stomps on superman, transforming him into a super pancake. The hulk then scrapes what’s left of superman off of his tremendous clawed foot before retreating back into the waters of the sea of Japan, waiting until the time is right to save the world from the next interstellar monster that terrorizes Tokyo.

Oh wait, that’s Godzilla… nevermind.

[quote]deanosumo wrote:
The Hulk is as strong as Superman, but Superman beats him in every other physical characteristic- speed, agility, flying, etc. [/quote]

Wasn’t Hulk’s gimmick that the madder he gets, the stronger he is? So if Supe pisses him off enough, he’d be stronger than Superman.

Plot twist: Hulk’s green skin has an effect similar to green kryptonite on Superman: The only kryptonite that’s fatal to him…

You have to do something if you want the story to last more than 1 panel. (ie: Superman, using superspeed, grabs Hulk by the ankle and throws him in the Sun. The End.)

Captain Marvel hears of the commotion and flies over and stomps both their asses. www.superdickery.com

BTW is this good old fashioned Hulk, or that BS CGI hulk they pushed on everyone a couple years ago? If the CGI one, then I’d have to root for superman. Otherwise I’ve gotta stay loyal to Hulk, he’s more T anyway. Superman loses too many T-points with the tights and cape.

Here’s another one that’s right up this alley. www.electricferret.com.