Killer Curls

Thought I would share the following exercise with you guys and see what you think…

On a day that I’m working biceps, I do the following exercise last:

  1. Put a stirrup handle on a low pulley
  2. Begin with a supinated grip, as if doing isolation curls
  3. Come up 50% of the way (forearm parallel to the floor)
  4. Pause for 1 sec
  5. Go down to having your arm bent 25% of the way (as if returning to full extension, but stopping before tension is lost)
  6. Perform a normal concentration curl
  7. This is one rep; repeat steps 3-6 for reps

I’ve never seen this described as an exercise anywhere. I began doing it because I remembered hearing it said that the lower 50% of the curl is usually the most difficult, so I thought I’d do the more difficult part twice. I get a crazy pump from this exercise; it usually feels like I have a baseball inserted under my skin instead of a bicep when I’m finished.

Any thoughts?


iso exercises are gay.

not that there is anything wrong with that.


Sometimes I do similar shit to put a final rip on my bi’s, I’ll have to try that. This one time I thought I might be gay, but then it turned it was just herpes. That’s cool right?