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Killer Cardio 4 Former Fatties

I got a brilliant idea this morning that ended up being one hell of an eye opener and a kick butt cardio workout.

I am a fat convert for about 2 years now. I have lost just about 100 lbs. So I loaded a book bag with plates that equal the amount of weight I lost and headed out for a 45 minute walk through some wooded trails, including hills, some stairs, etc.

Man I dont know how the hell I did it before. My damn legs were shot after 45 minutes.

I suggest any former fattie give it a try. It is a real eye opener that will keep you motivated to never go back to your former self.


Honestly, when I dropped 40 lbs (about a year ago, obviously more now), one guy said, “Dude, that is like losing two sacks of potatoes from your body!”

So, I was curious and decided to steal two sacks of potatoes from my parent’s place, and walk around wearing them under my shirt.

The result?

I couldn’t keep the sacks from falling out of my shirt :frowning:

Thats pretty good.

I should have thought of that, you not only added the weigth but also had your PWO carbs on hand.

Good post, Phill! What great insight for those of us who’ve never walked in your shoes!!!

For current fatties, one fun thing is to continually add weight back as you lose it. This is particularly good with chins and dips.

I’ve done two pullups with 70 lbs added.


(BTW: I porked out and set some strength PRs this fall… 250 lbs and about 20% bodyfat currently. Looking forward to losing about 30 lbs. of fat.)

Dan “Current Fatty” McVicker

Alternatively, invest in an X-vest.

The “hi tech” route I was thinking was an Xvest for this very purpose. You load that up with some heavier poundage and just walk.

That’s a great idea Phill; amazing the difference eh?

When I first lost weight I probably dumped about 40 lbs. When I started, I could barely touch the rim on the basketball court on a very very good day. At the end of it, I could dunk just about any way I wanted to. Its also nice to be able to spring up from a couch or tie your shoelaces without straining. :slight_smile:

Dan great Idea on the chins. I am going to have to give that one a try.

All the response so far has me cracking up this morn. I can picture all these ppl walking around their neighborhood with T-mag shirts and sacks of taters over each shoulder.

My neighbors think I’m nuts as it is for all my training/nutrition habits. Now, I can only imagine their thoughts.