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Killed By Chips And Toast


Kids junk is bad!!!

I guess there is only so much the body can take.


Killed by chips and toast

Deadly diet ... non-stop chips, toast and beans ruined Scott's liver


A LAD who only ate chips, toast and baked beans was killed by his junk diet ? aged just 20.
After years of unhealthy eating, Scott Martin?s liver began to fail, he developed hepatitis and his blood would not clot.

Sixteen-stone Scott refused a life-saving liver transplant because he was too scared and was so weak he needed a wheelchair.

He finally bled to death after an op to remove three infected teeth.

Perils of too many carbs

SCOTT?S liver may have been damaged by the huge quantities of carbohydrate he ate.

Dietician Catherine Collins, of St George?s Hospital, South London, said: ?He probably exceeded the limit on a regular basis.

Doing that can cause a fatty liver and lead to liver disease.?

His devastated family told yesterday how they had tried to get Scott to eat proper food since childhood.

His sister Gail Fairweather said: ?Scott would never eat any fruit or vegetables. There were only a few things he would eat ? McDonald?s chips were his favourite.

?He would eat toast ? but only if it was made from sliced white Danish bread, with a thin spreading of Lurpak butter.

? He would eat baked beans, but only Morrisons? own brand and only now and then.

?He was always like that, from being little. Finding stuff he would eat was such a struggle.?

Scott, of Sunderland, fell ill last year and at first his family thought he had flu. Mum-of-six Gail said: ?He was tired all the time and could not walk far. He got out of breath very quickly and could barely get across the room.?

Medics discovered liver problems ? although he rarely drank. Scott was sent to a dietician after refusing the transplant ? but didn?t like nutritional supplements on offer.

Doctors insisted on the teeth op, fearing Scott would be killed by blood poisoning ? but afterwards his gums would not stop bleeding.

Mum Margaret, 48, said: The hardest thing is he was so young.I would do anything to have him back.


You gotta be kidding me, blaming his death in part due to too many carbs???

Anyone think that maybe all that white processed flour crap might have had a hand in it? Or maybe it was the french fries from McD's.

People suck.

Oh and Darwin wins again.


A true hero sacrifices himself so that our gene pool gets better.


Maybe bad parenting. Instead of trying to coax his stubborn ass, his parents should have taken harsh steps and MADE him eat healthy. My parents never stood for that crap. I got my ass beat if I didn't mind my mother.


I wonder if the complete lack of any nutritional value in his diet for 20 years had anything to do with it.

Can you imagine the valiant struggle put forth by this persons body to survive.

I'll bet his lungs were scavenging nutrients out of thin air in a struggle for survival.

I'm kidding, but just barely.


I would rather think that his body was destroyed by lack of all kinds of things such as vitamins, minerals, etc.
Humans are not koalas, we cannot eat only eucalyptus leaves and stay healthy. Although, even eucalyptus leaves were probably slightly better than the stuff that guy was eating.

I agree that the family probably has a significant contribution to the outcome.


I think this article is just as telling about the state of parenting today as it is about nutrition. I don't endorse beating children, but I don't see why that should be necessary for any parent to control his child's behavior.

So your kid will only eat french fries? Guess what, you are the one with the bank account and the car. Do not go to McDonalds and buy him french fries. Problem solved.

Both of my parents were good cooks and as a child I was very open minded toward food, but every onec and a while they would make something for dinner that I did not like. This is what my father would say; "If you won't eat it than you're not really hungry." And he was right. What choice did I have. In my family the parents were in charge, not the children.

I wonder if this guy's parents are dealing with the guilt from being responsable for their child's death well.


Then again, this guy seems to resemble a certain poster here who claims to live off of only a select few foods, lol.


When I expressed my dislike for a meal my mother would say "it's your right to complain, but it's you duty to eat it!".

Thanks mum.


that is rediculouse beyond belief they blame this guys death on carbs lmao it was prolly his parents that made him eat that shit i kno my parents didnt give a shit what i ate when i was growing up i was brought up on morrisons microwave meals lol


This sounds like my diet growing up. My mom wasn't much of a cook and my dad was always out of town. We ate fast food constantly. The only good thing that came from it was me learning how to cook for myself.


His parents are his downfall. They didn't take the needed actions to help correct his damn eating problem as a child. To me that's neglect.