Kill Your Dog

Could PETA soon be going up against the Greens…

[quote]jawara wrote:

Could PETA soon be going up against the Greens…[/quote]

PETA doesn’t believe in keeping pets, the only fair thing is to kill them according to PETA, fits right with their current MO.

PETA actually euthanise a huge number of dogs each year so they should be in full support.

PETA is fucked up. The whole “Going Green” movement is fucked up. Both are completely out of hand.

That’s why I got a hybrid.

consider this, sloth:

[quote]thirdnalga wrote:
consider this, sloth:
Prius Outdoes Hummer in Environmental Damage - Impact Lab [/quote]

No, no, no. I got a hybrid dog. You know, to cut down on dog emissions. Eh? Get it, eh? Ahem.

Given the numbers if all these environmentalist really wanted to do something they should just hold a collective suicide, think of the environmental impact the would have.

I always wondered what the logic was in ELF setting fire to stuff.

I’d like to see them try and put my dog down. HE HAS LAZER BEAMS!