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Kill.Maim.Burn. Lifting and MMA

It’s been 4 years since I posted here guys…long time.
I was 110kg (my max was 118) dude that lost fat, went all the way to 83 kg, then over time with training back to 90, and then got lazy and went to 100.
I’m 20 now, went back to training MMA finally (college and job took so much time that I couldn’t train because uni gym was closed).So I was training for 3 months, got my lifts up nicely, went to 93.5kg (just for LHW) and fucked up my shoulder and then after 3 week rest had to go home for holidays. Got to 98kg. Now going back to wreck havoc on a 1st February MMA tournament.

So, to start things off:

20yrs old, 6’4" , 97.3kg as of today.
My schedule:

Mon - MMA 9:00, Lifting - A, MMA 19:00
Tue - Lifting morning, MMA/No-Gi BJJ 20:00
Wed - MMA 9:00, Lifting - B, MMA 20:00 (fun day for lifting)
Thu - Lifting - A
Fri - MMA 9:00, Lifting - B, MMA 20:00
Sat - MMA 9:00, Lifting (fun day for lifting)
Sun - Fun and some lifting if I feel like.

I add in lifting every day in case something comes up with college so I don’t miss out.

3x5 SQ
3x5 BP
3x5 Row
5x5 Shrugs

3x5 FSQ
3x5 OHP
5x3 DL

Fun day - Curls, farmer’s walk, abwork, upright rows, push presses, trying to learn oly lifts. Mostly light stuff for fun and recovery.

Goal is getting to 93kg until 1st Februrary (LHW tournament), should be easy peasy, then gaining as much strength/muscle as I can during februrary and half march, then losing fat again for April tournament.

I’ll drop some vids soon for a form check. Till then, adios :slight_smile:

Exactly what I thought would happen happened, had problems going to gym thursday.
This morning I did B, and 1h striking + 1h grappling for 5min rounds beforehand so I was pretty damn tired.

FSQ - 40kg 5x3, 60kg 3x3
OHP - 40kg 4x5
DL - 100kg 2x5, 110kg 1x3

I’ll post form check vids soon for FSQ, DL and Power Clean, probably after training tonight.

And I’ve got exactly 3 more weeks and 5kg to lose, so I’m going V-Diet mofo.