Kill Bill, Vol. 2

I didn’t see the vol. one in the theater so we rented it and then went to vol. two last night. Possibly one of the best action movies ever! Has anyone else seen it yet?

i’ve seen volume one.

from a man that made ‘pulp fiction’, i was disappointed.


To be honest sabrina i was a little dissapointed with the second one, it didn’t quite hit the spot.

The dialogue was good towards the middle it was beggining to drag on a little, the best part without doubt, was uma being trained by pai mei

same story here for me as with the last samuri- cant stand the baseball bat grip on a katana…

They both rock. The second volume didn’t have as much carnage as the first but was still awesome. Pei Mei is too funny. I told all my friends to go see it. I can’t wait for volume two to be released on DVD.


I saw both movies and I was thoroughly impressed. Two highpoints for me was the Uma v. The Crazy 88’s in Vol.1 and Uma v. Darryl Hannah in the trailer (vol.2). A must see!!!


Yeah, I enjoyed both of them. Granted the second volume was a little less active than the first. However, the second one needed a bit of a break from the reckless, endless slaughter. Definitely two entertaining movies, you can tell how much fun Tarantino had while making them.

I loved the Uma v Daryl Hannah and I the training with Pei Mai, I also liked the old south american pimp. I think the second one had more character development, but they are more like one long continuous movie than two separate. Anyway, I thought it was a damn good time and I love it when people get their comuppence.

Vol 1 was one of the best movies ever period.

2 wasn’t even close. It was a dissapointment.

I saw the first one. Havent seen the second one yet.

When I first saw vol. 1 I had the same reaction as Jaystyles, from a guy who made pulp fiction it was disapointing. Looking at it now, I know he was trying to make a live action japanimation cartoon. So its alright for senseless violence, but I still expect more of a plot twists from quinton.

Kill Bill Vol. 1&2 is definitely one of the best movies to come out in some time.

I say one of the best movies because they aren’t different movies, but one movie chopped in half.

You CANNOT label Kill Bill as anything because it is so many different things. One could watch this movie countless times, and still be able to get something new out of it. Tarentino is worlds above other film makers in terms of vision and skill.

Those who say that Kill Bill vol.2 was worse than vol.1 obviously don’t appreciate the Tarentino’s mastery of the moviemaking art. These are the same people who think that movies like The Fast and the Furious are good.

In my opinion, Kill Bill is as close to perfect as you can get.

If I come across sounding like an asshole, it is just because I am an elitist when it comes to movies. I would be happy to discuss this film further with people who actually know what their talking about.

Volume 1 had some of the most entertaining over the top action ever. Major style points.

Volume 2 felt slower to me, and frankly I was expecting a bit more… something. I enjoyed the humour, and when the action heated up it was great, but overall I found 1 a better experience.

Probably best to be viewed together as one film.

Both films were great, and I’m happy that they were split in two - don’t know that I could have sat through that much Kill Bill at once, and also the tones of the films are so different, it may have been weird.

The Bride is one of my favorite characters - there is just so much going on there.

I think these movies will continue to grow on me and I’ll appreciate them more and more the more I see them.

Mother and daughter watching Kung Fu flicks before bed, how sweet…no, how Tarentino!