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Kill Bill vol 1

Best movie ever. It’s everything NATURAL BORN KILLERS should have been(fuck Oliver Stone). It’s CROUCHING TIGER, HIDDEN DRAGON without the bullshit love story. I rate it two BONERS UP. I’m way more looking forward to Volume 2 that the last Matrix or Lord of the Dance (oops), I mean Lord of the Rings.

I concur.

Simply put, it rocked.

Shit, I thought it was really good, but I’m still looking forward to LOTR 3 more than this one.

Easily the best movie I’ve seen all year. I don’t know if it’s the “best movie ever” but I had a good time.


I saw it thought it was your a typical Quentino Tarantino movie. Its also acritics movie. Although, was it really neccasary to split it into 2 films? Here’s another thing if you are going to talk about Lucie Liu charcter and focus on her for 2 hours shouldn’t you do that also for the four other assains also including BILL?

Cinimaticlly though I thought this movie was done. Prefectly, without missing any little detail. I loved how he use the animation, and Black and white.

maybe there’s a reason why he focus’d on her character…anyways can’t wait till vol. 2

She clearly had a better back story than the Vivica Fox character, so it makes sense to spend more time on her.

I just saw it last night, and I guess I am still a little bit traumatized to decide whether or not I liked the film. Don’t get me wrong, I love bloodhsed and gore as much as any other man, but some of it was just totally fucked up…

Great flick. Story telling and action taken to a whole new level, with a typical touch of Tarantino perversion. I don’t think it’s better than Pulp Fiction, but I can see my opinion and appreciation of it changing the more I see it (dvd).

Re: Lucy Lui’s character–she was the climactic villian in Pt. 1. It’s QT’s story, why should he prioritize each character? Every movie has primary and secondary characters.

Uma Thurman was dope too.

Oneday: I think QT can do that to you, lol. You think, “where they hell did he think that up?!”

I saw it Sat night. It was definately a strange movie. I didn’t like it at first, but it started to grow on me.

BTW, I did not like Pulp Fiction.

Right Side: I originally thought that too, but I’ve seen some of his other works as well as the “Band Apart” movies, From Dusk til Dawn, Four Rooms, etc. Some parts were just so WRONG. If anyone hasn’t seen it yet, stop reading here…

The part where Uman Thurman wakes up in the hospital and Buck and that other dude are gonna have sex with her even though she is in a coma. I mean, I cannot even conceive of that. It just blew me away…

Thank you for the warning, I hurt my neck as it spasmed to the side after I started reading the next few words while the meaning sunk in. Warnings are good, I was scared to read this topic, I think I’m going to wait until I see it before I read again.

Was a fun movie indeed, though I thought the dialogue would be somewhat more interesting, off-kilter and cool.

ah well.

Great swordsmanship! Sonny Chiba was excellent, and the yakuza slang was spot-on.

In part QT meant this to be a tribute to the Japanese film “Battle Royal”, even casting one of its stars, Chiaki Kuriyama, as GoGo in Kill Bill.

I HIGHLY recommend Battle Royal to anyone here. Its banned in the US due to violence (which is much less than is in Kill Bill) but actually has a meaningful plot, and that raises big questions regarding generational difference and violence in Japanese society.

a Kill Bill with intelligence.

GoGo (Chiaki) in Kill Bill is just a tamer (i.e. toned down for American audiences) than in Battle Royal.

A truly scary character

i thought it was badass. tarantino is, if not the best, the most entertaining and innovative film maker of our time. i think there is gonna be 4 of these. i saw the making and tarantino got the idea from a japanese tv series that had 4 different “seasons” all spanning 4 generations, but with the same actors just playin descendants of the earlier characters. anyone remember in the beginning with vivica foxs daughter? that leaves an opening for the distant future. just somethin to think about. sonny chiba is a badass. anyone seen true romance? “sonny chiba is bar none the finest actor working in martial arts films today.” in every movie, he’s [tarantino] got somethin that relates to his other movies, you just might have to look for it. i’m gonna catch it again before it hits dvd.
yall be good, flash

I guess I’m the only one who was disappointed in this movie. I think the cinematography was great , but the plot was silly. This was the first Tarantino movie I’ve seen that I was bored with. I was actually praying it would end. I think it could have been better if there was a little more explanation about ALL of the characters and the events leading up to the action rather than blood spurting action. The movie lacks substance.

I’m sick and tired of women beating up men in movies! I’ts faker then shit and it gets on my nerves. I’m going to make my own movie where highly trained fighting women get there ass kicked by big fat dudes that drink beer.

A women can not beat up a man unles she has specail powers. Sorry ladies.


JackAss: I truly hope for you you never cross a lady fully proficient in the gentle (non-force based) martial arts/pressure points like Aikido and Dim Mak. It doesnt take tons of force to pin someone down with these arts. Just the right technique andhitting` at the right time.

Also remember that current grrl-power is to soothe the big wound on women`s egos and to give the feeling of catching up with us in power. And, yes, it looks as stupid as rockstar women (with guitars), which is classicaly a phallic symbol.

Hopefully, everything will fall in its rightful place, but it wont be tomorrow. Consult the Elle magazine worldwide poll on what women want. They want it all, but they dont want to concede any ground they have. Dont worry. Something will crack eventually. Remember the Superwoman 90s thing? It aint as big as before. Reality caught up with the media spinners. Just be patient.

What a completely AWESOME movie. I finally got to see it last night and I loved it!

Uma could quite possibly be the sexiest woman alive. . . Ouch!

Tarantino has outdone himself here. Loved the artsy way he hacked all those people into pieces.


The coma scene was definitely fucked up. OMG! What a horrible concept. Made me want to puke.

Worth watching for sure. Can’t wait for part II!!!