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Kiffin: Paradise Lost?


I don't get it.

Most guys in their 30's would be lucky to become an assistant Coach at their local Jr. High. Yet Kiffin became the HEAD coach at:

1) Two, TOP Division 1 Power-Houses (Tennessee and USC) AND

2) One of the NFL's premier Franchises (Da' RAID-uhs!)


What is it? Does he interview well? Is he connected? Does he give good blow-jobs?

What do you think is in store for Kiffin now...maybe Coaching the Packers or the Cowboys...or maybe Alabama???




Kiffin was fired in a pretty shitty way from what I heard from insiders at the school. In fact, it was downright gangster how he got fired.

Kiffin was overrated as a head coach, he will definitely not be missed, there are alot of happy people in Los Angeles right now.


He's a traitor, and he deserves a traitors death. One can only hope the next place he ends up is in Hel's cold embrace.


Now...tell us what you REALLY think, cs!

I thought it was crazy that he left an SEC (and perennial Powerhouse) in the first place...for what he called his "dream" job (USC).

How many people DO that?



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I've heard he got those jobs because of his daddy, Monte Kiffin the Cowboys current defensive coordinator.


I heard that too, Max...(Garrett fired him while he was getting off the PLANE???)

If that is true...couldn't he have waited until Monday morning in the office or something? (Maybe he tweeted him first or something...?)



Yep, push..."Da' RAID-uhs" are in that rarified air of franchises with the greatest Net Worth in the NFL and in their out-of-market Merchandising.

(And as Max can probably attest...most Bangers in LA would probably be walking around naked if it wasn't for "Da' RAID-uhs"!)



Lol well I'll tell ya what everyone here in Knoxville has a very satisfied smile on their face right now.


When I wear my Raiders tee out in public I just get these nods of respect from 2/3rds of the people I walk by.

When I wear my Raiders New Era cap... well, let's just say I only reserve wearing that hat for when real shit needs to go down.


To give you an idea of how bad Garrett is, he fired my old coach John Robinson by leaving a message on his answering machine, and he called me by another player's name when presenting me with an award back in high school. The piece of shit recruited me.


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My reaction as well. The Raiders haven't been a premier franchise in anyone's eyes but their own for about 25 years. They're actually one of the most pathetic franchises in all of the major professional sports and the type of organization that no one in their right mind tries to model their own after.


Thanks Push and DB...ABSOLUTELY "My Bad!"

Goes to show you not to go by everything you read...and why I've always asked you, Push, to say and ask what you mean! (You would think I would have learned by now, right?)

So...any thoughts on Kiffin? Terrible or not...he STILL got a job as a Head Coach on an NFL Team and 2 Division-1 Football Teams.



Sounds juicy, can u tell us more Max?


That was my thought, Mufasa must not watch much football.


So you only wear your New Era cap to the bathroom?


Not a fan of him at all. But to be fair. .he was several scholarship s down from the sanctions. Playing w. 55 scholarship players vs. 85 has to have an adverse effect..and significantly lower the ceiling.


The plane landed at LAX, and the team boarded the bus to go back to the campus. Before the bus left the airport, Kiffin was asked by USC big-wigs to get off the bus. Kiffin got off the bus and told the bus driver to wait. Kiffin got off the bus and USC officials waved the bus driver to leave, and so the bus left. Kiffin was then told he was done, and was left at the airport to manage his own ride home. Pretty fucked up to get fired at the airport upon your return.

So the game ended in Tempe at 10:30pm, figure the flight to come back to LA leaves at 12-12:30, lands in LA at 1-1:30, and dude got canned in the middle of the night.