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Kiefer on JustBig Radio


The infamous Kiefer is going to be on JustBig radio show tonight with EliteFTS's Vincent Dizenzo and Matt Rhodes. Should be a great opportunity to learn a few things about carb backloading, his carb night plan, and his other various musings on nutrition.



I will certainly be tuning in, hopefully there will be a replay cause I may miss the first few minutes.

Furthermore, fuck Kiefer's website for not helping direct people to his other activities. Its gotten better, but still a long way to go with a lot of potential.


They replay it Tuesday night at the same time (8:00pm eastern), and then it should be made into podcast pretty soon.


thank you. I'll try to catch as much as possible tonight.


I'm tuning into this right...I like anything Kiefer has to say really.


Good interview but not much more info than whats already on his site for consumption. His book is set for release on 11/30, should be a good THOROUGH read.


Just listened in for the first time - great show! I didn't realize that some of my fellow compatriots from the rowing world are also apart of FTNS doing podcasts (Sean Wolfe).