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Kids Wearing Tapout and Afflication T-Shrits?


I saw three of them at the gym earlier, these are the types who don't want to listen to any advice and just use the bench press machine and curl (with the some intermitant texting between sets) and call it a day. Then they just stand there babbling to each other and flexing, yet they still walk around with a hugh chip on their shoulder.

All though I must say i'm impressed that they were in the gym at 7:30am, these types usually don't appear until late afternoon.

I've realised i've started seeing them everywhere, at the gym, when I go shoppoing etc. a lot of them walk around with an angry "don't fuck with me" expression on their faces. Is this MMA wannabe-ness becoming a subculture or something.

I bet these guys watch UFC but switch over everytime the fighters show their ground game 'cause it's gay init'.

It kind of reminds of when all the council trash used to tuck their trousers into their socks or wear boxing boots and football neckwarmers when hanging out, to look cool. Luckily those trends died out quite quickly.


You want to know what's even worse than kids wearing TapOut shirts.

Kids who join this website and make a post about a topic, knowing it will be received sympathetically on this board, that has been discussed to exhaustion just for the sake of improving your 'image' in an attempt to fit in.

Nice try though.


Ohh...the irony of you posting this is.


go back to india


i agreez wid da bof ov ya. yeah, it's almost as bad as substandard grammar.


harsh, dude. maybe you meant it in a good way.


hahahaha... I didn't even realize it was yolkedup cause he changes his avatar too many fucking times.

go back to bb.com




Yea, it's quite astounding...


The smoking hot counter chick at my gym only zips up her tapout sweatshirt like half way.

She can tap me out any day.


The ones that annoy me most are the guys who use makeup and hair straightners and wear the tightest most penis compressinest sperm killinest testicle gripinest skinny jeans ever. You may aswell castrate yourselves you homos!


Since when isn't UFC homo eroticism at its finest?


It's Summertime and that means tank top season! However, I have noticed a wave of ILS affecting many guys this season. I saw two of them at the gas station. One with a pot belly, and another really skinny teen - both wearing tank tops and both attempting to appear to be holding watermelons under their arms.

At the grocery store I was walking down one of the aisles, and another chubby white goofball with a bad haircut, JC Penny camo cargo shorts, and skateboard shoes came barreling toward me with his elbows flared out like his armpits were on fire! He gave me a real tough "I'm hard, don't fuck with me" stare. It was adorable!

Then there was this guy hanging out with his wife in the parking lot at the laundromat. He looked like he actually lifted weights. He had no ILS, but he was wearing a tank top. Funny that even though he wasn't a real BIG guy, he didn't need to appear to be bigger than he was because you could tell he actually lifts.

Ahhhh Summertime. Time for tank tops and ILS...........


wrong forums

your looking for the one yolkedup comes form and thats 3 pages over there ---->


dude fucking tell me about it! the worst is when i'm working and they...

oh wait. you? hahaha.


Shit, Im new too, but none the less....



what the fuck is an afflication....


It's a fucking t-shirt, who gives a shit?


What's wrong with Tapout and Afflication shirts? I just filled my closet with all the new shirts, I'll be popping tags all summer long with my tank tops. I was thinking about making a post everyday with a picture of my new shirt.


I'm new too! I havent had a chance to say this yet - so here goes; possibly the biggest "OWN" in the history of the interwebz.