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Kids Throwing Rocks at US Troops


I seriously doubt that, whit a far superior war equipment that US has there why on earth would someone want to face the enemy?

I don`t see any US soldiers going front line bare handed against enemy holding a gun.

You just don`t do that.

You use your brain and do it as difficult for your opponent as you can.


Great post but remember Lixy is not Swedish. He is an Islamic kid that hates the US and goes to school in Sweden.

This cyber-jihad of his is his way of supporting his radical bretheren without getting his hands dirty.


Self-contradictory videos. The Americans in the first do NOT retaliate, while the Americans (or are they Iraqis) in the 3rd beat the teens.


Edit: wrong link removed

Correct one:


It probably would've been better if the US had seize power and installed their own government and constitution in Iraq.

That's probably what was expected by some of the population. Since when does someone go to war, conquer a country, remove all resistance and the dictator and then stand aside? Especially for people who personally have never experienced another form of government than a police state led by a dictator.

If the US had "annexed" Iraq, or kept control of it in some way (similar to Puerto Rico maybe) and imposed a (secular!) constitution (based on it's own) a congress, a legal system, etc. It might have worked out better.

There still would have been some resistance, but if law and order had been restored earlier, allowing for the people to get to work and lead relatively normal lives, I'm sure there would be a lot more support than there is now. Making Iraq a democracy is a worthy goal, but a democracy does not operate by itself, without supporting institutions.

It's very hard to establish those when chaos reigns, or when there isn't even electricity and water for everyone.

Proceding in such a way probably would've appeared too "imperialistic" to the world at large, so I guess we won't be seeing this method used any time soon.

It could hardly be worse than the current alternative, though.


Now that makes more sense.


Which is probably why they don´t?


Don't worry all, as much as muslims hate Americans they hate other muslims that much more.

Case in point:

BAGHDAD (AP) - Two suicide car bombings struck soccer fans in Baghdad as they were celebrating Iraq's victory in the Asian Cup semifinal on Wednesday, killing at least 27 people and wounding more than 100, officials said.


Where is the outrage on the board?


'Cause he was a thug that caused the death of millions.

An independent Kurdistan would be welcomed by Washington. Divide and conquer.

Shi'ites don't want their country occupied. Hence the whole Al-Mahdi army.

Yes. To send a clear message that it will not tolerate a rebellion by the Kurds.

After decades of hatred and war, they'll erase Saddam's legacy and try to get closer to the Iraqis.

What for? Iran has no nukes and they claim that they're not seeking any. Iran never showed any imperialistic ambitions. Why would you think they'll suddenly change their policy.

Sweden is very active in the reconstruction of Iraq. The country was flooded by Iraqi refugees when the war started, and I know for a fact that the two governments are working closely together on relief, educational and youth programs.

Marching in protests certainly beats dropping bombs on civilians. I've been to more Middle-Eastern countries than you could ever dream of. And oh, did I mention that I'm a native Arabic speaker.

Try again.


It's implicit. Everyone around here knows the perpetrators of such acts are monstrous scumbags. Nobody elected and financed Ben Laden & co to go around killing people. The US army on the other hand...


Calling the United States Army a bunch of 'murderous scumbags' now?


This is the kind of crap that makes me continue to support our efforts in Iraq. I hate to see our soldiers get killed but if we pull out I think this kind of evil will just get worse.


How about South Korea? How about Kosovo? Eastern Europe?

Now, name me a country in which Islamo-fascist terrorists or wahabis "made everything right."


South Koreans? Those ungrateful bastards! http://freekorea.us/

Kosovo? Was that where you didn't give a rat's ass about the UN? Used depleted Uranium and cluster bombs? Bombed TV stations, oil refineries and chemical plants? Created more than a million refugees? Killed countless civilians?

You must have me mistaken for someone else. I loathe Wahabis.


Sorry dudes, you are the invaders. You came into their country with guns blazing and indiscriminately killing innocents along with their country's fighters.

Good job.


Wait, who did all the soccer fans indiscriminately kill? Why did they deserve to be blown up and slaughtered with no chance of defending themselves.

Why are all sides not being held equally accountable???


Straight up, the South Koreans are ungrateful. Maybe they'd like it living under the conditions in the North.

The article proves nothing. I could show you many anti-muslim articles. Does that mean all muslims are evil?

About Kosovo, your anti-us bias is showing. Maybe we shouldn't have attacked them.

"Bombed TV stations, oil refineries and chemical plants? Created more than a million refugees? Killed countless civilians?"

You are correct. We could all have acted like the Dutch UN peacekeepers who stood doing nothing as muslim civilians were executed by Serbs.

Ya know, Maybe it was wrong to stop Milosovech.

And I don't care if you like wahabis or not. Their all over the world. Name one country where Islamists "made everything right".


Another example of why liberal minds will never take office. I love people who are part of the problem and never part of a rational solution. Its liberals that tear at the very fabric of this nation. I don't know how you people sleep at night. You should be ashamed of your finger pointing at the very people who protect your tree-hugging way of life


Two points:
1. Nobody dreams about visiting arab countries. Arabs dream about coming to america so they can send money back to their families living in arab countries.
2. Somebody already informed me that you are an arab going to school in Sweden. I could argue with you about the war in Iraq but it's times like these that I have to remind myself it's just a waste of time. You see the only real difference between Arabs and Westerners is the Enlightenment.

P.S. - Those troops beating the kids in your youtube video are not American. Maybe post this bullshit on one of the British forums you've invaded.

Illy lachah


One day lixy your people will be killed by their own ignorance. You people think with too much emotion. Religion and state have no place together. You have been doing it for thousands of years. Your ill informed view is illustrative.

Those kids throw rocks because their parents tell them to. The majority of who are poor, uneducated and desperate. Its ashame. You will be responsible for your own demise. Ignorance is contagious.Im impressed it made it all the way to Sweden.