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Kids Sue Mom for Not Being Nice


This is messed up.


lulz Some kids actually need to get beat lol


So, the mom has to pay someone to defend her while dad, a lawyer, represents his kids.

He's an asshole.



-- As a seven-year-old, Steven became emotionally upset when Mom ordered him to buckle his seat-belt in a harsh manner.

Little else needs to be said...


yeah, that one got me. what is really sad is this even got to court, what a waste of resources.


Wouldn't the judge make fun at all parts?

I had a "friend" who went to court for political corruption (the process is still ongoing) and the judges laughed at him for his excuses and asked him to stop thinking they are stupid.


If this lady loses the judge needs to spanked and sent to time out.


So, let me get this straight...they were mean to Steven...by giving him everything and not the sister.....and by giving them birthday cards with no money in them.


Remember that American kid that got his ass whipped in Singapore because he stole street signs and did some graffiti?

I am beginning to warm to the idea.

Cheap, fast and effective.


Yep! That spoiled prick deserved that caning.
I also remember many wussy Americans protesting his punishment.


Ironically my son just asked me to buy him a toy. I told him he can earn money and I'll take him to buy the toy himself.

My kids are 7 and 5. Do I need to have them sign a waiver? Or should I lawyer up once the oldest becomes 17?


You heathen. Next thing you know, you will be telling them "no" when they want candy and cookies at 9am. Look, I don't know who allowed some of you amoralistic people to OWN kids but I suggest you let people take care of them who will leave them alone so they can do as they please!

I know 8 illegit kids right now who don't even know who their daddy is. See, I leave them alone so they can be happy and free!


Shawn Kemp?


This story just goes to show that douchebags and cunts beget more douchebags and cunts.

The real question- Is it all environmental or is there a genetic component to being a piece of shit?