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Kids Love The TSA


Look at the sign that little girl made about the TSA, isn't it precious?? ALthough to me it looks like that sign was written by a 40 y/o man, and I don't think many 8 y/o children even know who or what the TSA is. But thats besides the point! The point is that kids love the TSA! Out of the mouth of babes....




Something I've been curious about for a while; and I hope that someone who knows FIRST hand can chime in (Jewbacca?)

1) How is security conducted at Ben Guirion International?

2) How does it compare to what we in the U.S. have to undergo?

3) Are there certain things that are just "accepted" there as a "given"; and you move on?

(This is genuine curiousity).



Ms. Castillo just may...and I emphasize may have to get herself into the real world...or find another mode of travel...



Why is that? Do you mean she just has to accept what the TSA does or not fly? That"s the type of thinking that encourages government to step on our rights in the name of "SAFETY". It's almost the same as them violating the 2A. Someone, somewhere uses a gun to commit a robbery and murder so some law abiding person somewhere else has to have their rights restricted, all in the name of safety.



1) It mean's that as the Law is currently constituted...I undergo the scan OR the complete body search.

2) Flying is not a Constitutionally protected activity.

3) What are the options to insure security?

Believe me...I HATE flying now with a passion, because of the bullshit you have to go through. (Sometimes I'd rather have my toenails pulled out one-by-one and covered with alcohol).



Read the link I have up under the video in my first post.


I did.

And after 8 pages (some of these guys MUST post on "PWI"!)...this appeared to be the most reasonable argument to me:

"I'd argue that the contract of carriage applies because the plane itself is private property. As the plane is their property, they can set reasonable rules to the access of their property. They, of course, cannot deny transport to anyone paying a valid fare and in compliance with the law (ie presenting one's self for boarding while obviously intoxicated would violate laws against public drunkenness and the airline could legally deny boarding)".

"Government regulation is primarily for the safety of the planes and those who fly in them. Without regulation, there would be no orderly system in which people could enjoy their right to transit US airspace. Thus some regulation is needed".

Now...was touching Ms. Castillo's vagina "reasonable"?

MOST hell no...and she is within her right's to complain.



Protection from unreasonable searches is in the constitution.


Back to my original question:

Does anyone know how things work at Ben Gurion International?

In relation to what DD asked; the question becomes what is reasonable and what is unreasonable. Those are not always easy questions to answer. In Ms. Castillo's case; as I said, touching her vagina from different angles was unreasonable.



I understand. Just pointing out that the constitution may/should indeed protect her from what happened.


Agree, DD...but it also points out the Constututional "mess" that's been created in the Post 9-11/Patriot Act Country we now live in.



There was no constitutional mess untill George W. Bush created one, and then Barack H. Obama continued that mess. And that's after he promised his left wing pals that he was going to end all of that. How many promises has he broken now? The left should not be very happy with him.


You and I may consider the search 'unreasonable' but the government does not. IMO....these searches are small potatoes compared to other parts of the 'Patriot Act'.


Agreed, but any such intrusion is still wrong.


  1. It is not a law, it is a fear monger instilled TSA ordinance
  2. Flying is not a government activity, it is a commercial activity, it is the responsibility of the airline to provide safety, NOT the government. What is the next activity to be constitutionally omitted? What about trains, bus, cars ?
  3. You cannot give up civil/human/constitutional rights for safety, ends do not justify the means, do not be fueled by the fear mongers making you believe that they are protecting you.

By allowing the TSA to take away your human/civil/constitutional rights you have allowed terrorists and fear mongers to win.


I love security checks....It's the most action I can get with out spending a lot of money...


You sad, sad man...you should try marrying. Oh wait...


WTF? This video guy's video disappears and he feels like a Holocaust survivor!!!???

What, were his kids torn apart in front of him, his teeth extracted and he clawed a room's wall while being Zyklon-B'd out of existence!!
Have people just decided to display their insanity more often or have I simply not noticed it before?



Just for the record, the teeth were extracted after they were dead.