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Kids in PWI


All hail the mighty children who know it all!

They have lived 1/4 of the life you have, have never had to pay a mortgage, have never been responsible for the lives of others, their own car insurance, food, bills....but they can tell you how the world and government works bar none!

Give it up to the esteemed children. They know it all and we have been punked! I think it must be Holiday break.


Sometimes it's useful to listen to the idealism of the young. Ignorance does often lead to brilliance.

In fact, I think a more contemptible attitude than the arrogance of youth is the arrogance of experience... we should know better.


age, experience and treachery will beat youth, idealism and innocence every time. LOL


Yeah, them kids are smart.

I guess I got schooled in real world communism vs. idealized communism today.

Amazingly, my opinion hasn't changed. I must be stodgy and out of touch.


I agree. Having a home mortgage or children does not automatically confer upon anyone any special knowledge about political issues or world affairs; it just means that you know from experience what it's like to have kids or make house payments.

It's kind of like what they say about doctors. I have a couple friends who are going through med school and a couple of friends's parents who are doctors. They all say that, for the most part it's the young doctors right out of med school that know more than the doctor who has 20 years of experience. Why? Because the younger ones are much more in tune with the "latest and greatest" techniques, findings, research, etc because they HAVE to study it and the info is fresh in their mind. The older ones are only as well-informed as their own efforts outside of the hospital have made them.

It's hubris to think that age and experience trumps youth. I can guarantee you that any poly sci, economics or history students on this site know more about how the world works outside of their own lives than virtually anyone else on this forum. Why? because they are studying those subjects right now and if they are majoring in these areas then they clearly have some sort of passion for the subjects and probably spend more time thinking and reading about them than a parent of three who's more concerned about putting food on the table and making house payments. Such is the luxury of youth.

The flip side of that coin is that the youth tend to argue or view things in terms of theory rather than reality.


Jesus did say, "Out of the mouth of babes you have perfected praise", and "Suffer the little children to come unto Me, and forbid them not: for of such is the kingdom of God".

The humility of a child is closer to wisdom than the hubris of a know-it-all adult.


The youthful hubris is incredible. But in all honesty I had a similar attitude when I was 19-22. You go from being under your parents guidance to being out on your own in college and you're searching for your own path and ideals. As I told young Ryan, it's not about intelligence as in IQ. He's obviously a smart kid. It's about how you perceive the world at that tender age. From the perspective of someone who has only lived as an (young) adult maybe 3-5 years things look quite a bit different than they do compared to someone perhaps 20 years older. Throw in the left wing Professors who feed them a steady stream of liberal ideology and you turn out someone who really believes that they can solve all of the worlds problems. This in turn causes them to think that anyone older must be stupid as they have not solved these problems yet And allegedly don't even understand the finer points of economic, political and cultural positions that will lead to the worlds salvation. . It's a funny little merry-go-round which only really stops after a given period of time working, and being responsible for other people, maybe a wife, kids etc. But, yeah Rockscar it's christmas break so begin your deep breathing exercises.



For some reason, everyone here always thinks I'm older than I am. Do I get bonus PWI points for that? I apparently come across as a crotchety old man.


this could be a decent argument... if you had not repeatedly used it against people who are 30-40 years old.

the younger poster here is probably Florelius. who show more humility and intellectual honesty than anyone in this thread. me included.


"Daddy she's fat"..."has a big nose", or "she's beautiful"...yes.


Do I still count as a kid?


Yes. We think you are over 30 just based on your avatar.


He's a youngster willing to take the merits of outside ideas and experiences and one who openly admits he does not know everything so I agree.


Aren't you the one who left the church? Now you quote the Bible? Wow.


I'm a kid, but I don't see why you are making a bashing post like this. A kid's arrogance is just as bad as "I'm old so listen to me!".

Anyways, you should be happy that there are kids here actually talking in PWI and have some sort of interest in politics; most don't. And from the younger posters here, I've seen many take part in an open and honest discussion.


Youth have nothing to be responsible for, wait until you have things like mouths to feed other than your own, clothing, and housing.

Blame stuff like poverty, homelessness, hunger, and mediocrity on youthful arrogance, see what your family thinks of you then. Let me know.


Good. Nice point, and I'm inclined to agree to some level. I also know you love to talk politics like you really do care..... yet you didn't register to vote this last election!

I have 2 more years to use that on you!


Yes you do and rightfully so! Won't make that mistake again...


I'm sorry, but this post doesn't even make sense. What's your point?