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I do want to improve the appearance of my body but not at the cost of destroying my organs and ending up on a dilisys machine for the rest of my life.

I’ve read that high protien diets damage the kidneys? how true is this and what is a safe level of protien intake?

high protein diet will not stress the kidneys unless you have a disease. The liver will be affected by everything so make sure you eat a clean diet and take liver support supllements if you’re liver enzymes go up. there are too many things out there to help with all the bad stuff so take advantage. laters pk

John Berardi has many articles on this site that address these issues. I have actually used some of them to win debates with my nutrition professor and various doctors who tell me that my creatinine levels are high so I am going ultimately hit renal failure and explode.

Check the search engine. My favorite was the one that was in the format of a letter from little Johnny to his parents (or something along those lines). I can’t remember the name for the life of me right now…

Pay attention to your iron levels in the liver. On my last physical I discovered I had elevated blood iron levels. My doctor ordered a biopsy and when we couldn’t find a cause at the time I suspected it may be because of the high-protien diet and supplements. Vit C can cause storage of iron in the liver. If you look up “hemochromatosis”, which is a genetic disease, you’ll find dietary ways to managing blood iron.

Anyway, I stopped everything, no protien, nothing but good food for four weeks and my iron levels are back to normal.

So, short answer, eat good food. You’ll be fine.

The only studies that examined the effects of high protein diets were done on patients with renal (i.e., Kidney) failure. As with many studies the results were extrapolated to a normal healthy population which (in this case) was unwarranted. There have been no studies showing negative effects on healthy people.

As for iron (someone mentioned it), you need not cut out all protein to lower your iron levels. Decreasing meat intake and eating more dairy is an option. Giving blood regularly is another. Read “Keep the Iron on the Bar” by Lonnie Lowery for more info on this.

Yeah. I got tired and stopped typing. Basically, I’m back on the protien supps and watching my red meat consumption. I will also start giving blood once a month.

John Grimik a Mr. America from the 1940’s ate red meat, consumed Hoffman Protein powder and lived to be 91 years old. Maybe if he laid off the high protein diet he could have made it to 100. Then again if his diet had less protein in it he might only have made it to 80.

There have been studies that show added protien in senior citizens helps preserve muscle fibre and bone density. You can however, eat too much. Key is to balance all your nutirition.


[quote]raoulsam wrote:
Yeah. I got tired and stopped typing. Basically, I’m back on the protien supps and watching my red meat consumption. I will also start giving blood once a month.[/quote]

Not to be a picky smartass, but going through the Red Cross in the USA they make you wait 8 weeks between donations.

Something tells me if you are just concerned about getting rid of some excess iron that is more than frequent enough.