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Kidney stones

I had to sent my brother to the ER this morning because of excruciating pain in the abdominals, turns out to be kidney stones. What should he be taking besides drinking water? thanks.

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Ouch. Had one of those myself about 18 years ago. Wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. The doctor will advise re: diet depending on what the composition of the stone is. Most likely it’s calcium oxalate. If that’s the case, your brother will probably be advised to watch his intake of high calcium foods (cheese, cruciform veggies, etc.) & also of tea (iced or otherwise), because tea is a major source of oxalates. That’s why the vast majority of kidney stones in America occur across the deep South: it’s the iced tea belt. Most kidney stones are an incidental, once-in-a-lifetime occurance; if they have a metabolic cause, however, your brother could be in for a rough time.

(1)Assuming the stone is calcium oxalate then a HIGH calcium diet is the current recommendation because the calcium will bind the oxalate in your gut and it will not be absorbed. (2) magnesium e.g. 400 mg/day and vitamin B6 (e.g.take a “B-50”/day–do not just take B6) will also help prevent recurrence of stones.

Thanks, Scott. Glad to stand corrected.

Cranberry Juice.