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Kidney Stones

A girl I train passed a kidney stone the other day. . .and has another one that will pass eventually.

The doctors gave her nutrition lists and what not that are pretty restrictive and she was asking me advice on what to do.

I was wondering if anyone had experience training/eating with this problem. I gave her some recommendations based on the handouts she had, but wondered if anyone knew anything more and could help.


Drink a lot more water!

I’d also love to hear responses about this. Kidney stones freak me out.

What was the list?

DK, what kind of kidney stone did she have? There are different types. The nuritional recommendations differ, depending on the type of stone.

I had one when I was 14…

Yep, 14

Had two more when I was 19 and 20…

The main recommendations I can put forth is that she should hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.

Also, the pain involved can be pretty intense, not sure how that translates into training but I’d recommend laying off on days where she’s sore.



Her stone was a calcium one…after the tests she apparently has high uric and calcium, so she’s got a double whammy from what I understand.

I don’t exactly remember what all was on the list, but I remember it did seem contradictory to what you should be eating…