Kidney Stones from Creatine?

Hey guys✋🏻
Maybe it’s a question it’s already been answered on here and ofc in the articles but I’d like to hear some personal experiences,as a friend of mine in the gym told me that he found out stones in his kidney after excessively using creatine and protein.
Have you ever experienced issues with creatine?
I mean like kidney issues etc
Thanks in advance!

It sounds like your friend got kidney stones from dehydration.

You think that creatine wasn’t responsible for the stones but the lack of water?

I think the lack of water while taking creatine was the issue.

Personally I’m using it like 1,5 year with no prob.
But that fact made me wonder, taking for granted that he has healthy kidneys in the first place which I don’t really know.
Did you have an issue sometime?

I have taken it since 2005 with no issues.

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Thank you for discussing this with me!